Creating value for all stakeholders

Creating value for all stakeholders

Scania’s core value ‘Customer First’ is the point of departure for our own profitability. Our success is built on our ability to provide our customers with profitable and sustainable transport solutions that contribute to the success of their businesses. Scania’s business model, our principles, working methods and approach to sustainable transport will continue to be the platform for how we create value for our stakeholders, now and in the future.

A holistic view with customer profitability in focus

For Scania it is evident that sustainability and profitability go together, here and now and increasingly so in the future. Our business model is about understanding and improving the revenue and cost aspects of our customers’ applications or industries. This allows us to tailor solutions, based on our three-pillar approach to sustainable transport. The solutions include vehicles and services, optimised for our customers’ operations to improve fuel efficiency and maximise the vehicles’ time in operation. It requires a close dialogue with our customers, built on trust and often long-term relationships.

This partnership-driven approach does not end with the customer. We must understand our customers’ needs (transport companies) but also their customers’ demands (buyers of transport services). Combining this with our established flow thinking, Scania tailors solutions that eliminate waste and improve efficiencies in the entire transport flow. We are also part of an ecosystem where we cooperate with stakeholders such as fuel producers, governments and city planners, to accelerate change towards a sustainable transport system.

Delivering on our business model defines our brand and ensures that Scania can keep making a profit. The success of our own business is directly linked to the quality we deliver to our customers and how well their businesses perform. Driving customer profitability through sustainable transport solutions and pursuing responsible business are complementary, long-term perspectives to continuing to be a profitable company.


Scania is well known for its quality products and services. Sustainable transport solutions also include driver training and coaching, that are aimed at better fuel economy and reducing the impact on the environment, thus creating value for our customers here and now and making their businesses resilient for the future.

Scania driver training educated drivers, 2017



Scania’s employees are key to our success and we place great importance on having a healthy, inspiring and productive workplace that rewards good performance. Focus on continuous improvements and progress creates engagement. Employees are included and can make an impact on the work environment, methods and individual development, a foundation for people to thrive and contribute.

Total global healthy attendance, 2017



By providing business opportunities and shared technology to meet the highest environmental and social standards, Scania creates value for our suppliers and society. We strongly believe that suppliers will deliver higher quality and productivity in return.

Cost of goods, 2017


Owners and lenders

Scania continues to deliver growth with profitability and generates positive cash flow for our owners and lenders.

ROCE, 2017 



Scania’s major contribution is through the efficient flow of goods and people. Our tailored solutions drive efficiency, sustainability and profitability in the value chain. Our employment, employee training and R&D investment strengthen local communities, develop our workforce and bring low-carbon transport solutions that reduce environmental impact.

Sales of alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles, 2017