Creating customer profitability and stakeholder value

Creating customer profitability and stakeholder value

Scania aims to improve customer profitability by providing our customers with sustainable solutions while creating a world of mobility that is better for society and the environment.

At Scania, we believe that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. Providing the customer with the right high quality vehicle and the right services at the right time is the starting point.

In close dialogue with our customers we can continuously improve their transport operations and positively impact the bottom line in a sustainable manner.

We need to understand our customers’ needs (transport companies), and the demands from their customers (buyers of transport services). Through this insight Scania can tailor solutions that eliminate waste and improve efficiencies in the entire transport flow.

We are also part of an ecosystem and need to team up with infrastructure partners such as fuel producers, governments and city planners, to accelerate change towards sustainable transport solutions.

Customer profitability at the core

Our business model is about understanding and improving the cost and revenue aspects of the applications or industries in which our customers operate. This allows us to tailor solutions that optimise the vehicles and services for our customers’ operations that improves fuel efficiency.

The business model also identifies ways to optimise our customers’ transport operation over the entire product life cycle, that maximises the vehicles time in operation through a cost efficient management of the entire transport flow.

It is all about our ability to tailor the best solution to our customer; from a high quality product that has a long lifetime with a maximum time in operation, good residual value, and appropriate insurance and financing to a complete solution that ensures cost efficient transport management. With a holistic view, Scania provide sustainable transport solutions that create greater value for our customers and society.

Delivering on our business model defines our brand and ensures a profitable Scania. Our own profitability is therefore directly linked to the quality we deliver to our customers and how well the customers’ business perform.

Well positioned

By ensuring profitability for our customers, we strengthen our own profitability and future success. The basis for this is a robust Scania. Guided by our core values and with a strong focus on continuous improvement, Scania is resilient and well positioned to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system. Scania’s modular system provide us with an in-built flexibility that gives us economies of scale and resource efficiency. Another competitive advantage is being part of the Volkswagen Group that enables competence and resource sharing. Our global production set-up enables us to balance production to mitigate fluctuations in demand. Sales and services have always been part of our core business as the service business is more stable when demand drops for new vehicle investments. It also means we get closer to our customers and gain insight into their business. Adding to that the vehicle operating data we gather through our connected vehicles gives us leverage in developing our vehicle and services.