Competence development

Competence development

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As a developer you will most likely be forced to learn new technologies, consider changing your infrastructure to something new and more effective, learn new languages etc. This is often crucial for you to be at the top of your game, and stay ahead in the world of development. Of course this can sometimes feel like a dreaded task, and sometimes it can be a joy to be able to implement a new and exciting technology. If you work for a company with some sense of the world of development, there will often, if not always, be tools to help you face this task of constant competence development.

This is where groups like Dev @ Scania come in play. This group arrange focus days for developers to attend. These focus days include workshops and lectures that either are meant to deepen our knowledge of a certain area, or to present new and exciting tech that can be used in our daily work. One of these focus days were held this Friday, and gave us a crash course in how to build a serverless infrastructure in AWS (Amazon Web Services, i.e “The Cloud”). Of course no two systems are alike, so the workshops and lectures are mostly meant for you to develop some sense of what’s possible and where to start. Then it’s up to you and your team to figure out how to adapt and develop this knowledge to fit your system. The focus days also gives you the chance to network and meet other developers at Scania, and since there are over 1500 of us you can imagine the possibilities!

Focus days with a wide range of topics is, as I mentioned above, more of a high level introduction to new technologies. At Scania we also have the opportunity to attend courses, both internal and external, to gain a more in depth knowledge of certain areas.

I hope this post gave you some insight into how much more there is to being a developer, than just an endless code marathon.

Have a nice weekend!


Mr Cloud25 June 2018
Love the cloud!
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