Communications Award

Communications Award

Welcome to Scania Communications Award

Scania Hong Kong has been awarded the 2015 Communications Award for its Virtual Driver Competition.


The aim of Scania Communications Award is to tighten the communications community, raise awareness of the importance of brand building activities and create room for benchmarking and best practice.

Who can participate?

All Scania business and production units are welcome to contribute with communication and marketing communication activities. No distinction between external and internal communication will be made and small scale activities are as important as big ones.

The prize

The winner of Scania Communications Award is free to choose either a communication or marketing training or a trip with the purpose of benchmarking or likewise.

There will also be a special prize for one or two activities that the jury would like to give special attention to.


Erik Ljungberg, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations
Christian Levin, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Bengt Thorsson, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations