Capturing skills for success

Capturing skills for success

As we expand globally, we focus on securing the right skills base, anchoring our core values wherever we operate, and seizing the opportunities of global mobility.

To succeed as a business and be a leader in sustainable transport means understanding the competencies we need today, in 2020 and beyond. That’s why we focus our efforts on finding and developing employees with the right skills and motivation and a diverse range of backgrounds.

Global talent focus

In 2014 we set up a new group called Labour Affairs Development to focus on Scania’s role as an employer worldwide. Our aim in 2015 is to hold workshops with management teams throughout Scania to promote approaches that successfully capture skills from all types of people. Our emphasis is on equal opportunity regardless of gender, background or geography. With two thirds of our employees outside Sweden, our outlook is global.

Scania Academy

We identify competency needs and ensure that the right skill sets are developed for every part of our business. We administer each role description centrally to avoid duplication and promote synergy between business units. Scania Academy, our learning hub, is trialling new methods to ensure gaps in competence requirements are accurately identified. The staff of nearly 100 in Södertälje and 40 in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil and regional academies in the Benelux countries, Russia, India and Poland provide hundreds of thousands of hours of training each year for employees at all levels. Increasingly, training is conducted using e-learning and blended learning techniques. Training during 2014 was 23 hours per employee compared to 19 hours in 2013 and 25 hours in 2010.

A world of opportunities

As we expand globally, it is essential that we anchor and shareour core values and learn from each other. This cross-fertilisationis growing as more employees take advantage of global mobility opportunities every year – to the benefit of both Scania and the employees themselves.In 2014 some 300 people from all regions chose to gain international experience through expatriate contracts, up from 250 in 2013. The trend will continue as we work more closely with the Volkswagen Group.

Employee engagement

Scania receives feedback on staff experiences via the annual employee survey, tailored surveys, employee planning and development conversations and exit interviews for managers. In 2015 we will launch a global employee barometer. It includes 12 employee satisfaction questions on topics such as pride in Scania and adequacy of training. It will allow us to compare and communicate employee opinion and provide a tool for improvement at Scania and throughout the Volkswagen Group.