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Scania aims to be a frontrunner in sustainable mobility. And we know that caring about the bigger picture requires putting a lot of effort into the details. Over more than a century, we have accumulated a deep understanding and a knowledge base that enables us to develop the buses, coaches, and services needed to make sustainable mobility happen – everywhere. 

At Scania, we approach the challenge from all angles, providing a wide range of efficient quality vehicles and smart services that allow sustainability to go hand in hand with operating economy. That, we believe, is how we create real change.


Vehicles specially designed to handle extraordinary activities or very strict requirements. Scania has a number of buses around the world tailored to meet these needs, based on reliability, durability and performance.


In addition to transporting passengers this bus also carry goods in a cargo room in the rear, shaped as a distribution truck. It is equipped with a climate system and rear tail lift.


This high technological bus is medically equipped for intensive care medicine. It is uniquely built with workspace for health professionals to handle patients.


A low-entry bus with a short wheelbase and a powerful engine, tailor-made to fit challenging terrain in the Swiss mountains; narrow road with hairpin curves, steep slopes, poor road surface and extreme weather conditions.


This bus is a mobile blood donor centre that is fully equipped with everything needed for a blood donation procedure.