Bring Frigo – a cool customer

Bring Frigo – a cool customer

The French subsidiary of Bring Frigo has just renewed its fleet with 19 new Scania V8 trucks.

Bring Frigo, a part of Norway Post, specialises in temperature-controlled transport from Boulogne-sur-Mer, France’s leading fishing port, which sees more than 35,000 tonnes of fish landed each year.

“We have been loyal to Scania since establishing operations here in 2000,” says Hervé Jordy, Bring Frigo’s General Manager for France and Spain. “This year, we decided to renew our entire fleet with Scania R 580 and Scania S 500. The latter, new-generation Scania S 500 has an average fuel consumption of 26 litres/100 km, which is significantly lower than the current range.”

Maintenance and repair contracts included

Each truck is driven some 14,000 kilometres monthly, mainly delivering fresh sea products, frozen foods and perishable foodstuffs. “For that, we need especially robust and reliable vehicles. That’s why we opted for Scania vehicles with maintenance and repair contracts for the entire fleet,” explains Jordy.

He adds that comprehensive fleet services and unfailing follow-up are essential elements in the business. “The Scania V8s provide us with total cost control and exceptional delivery speed. We place great importance on the transport equipment, both for customers and for our drivers. We are very demanding in the recruitment of drivers and in exchange offer them the best in terms of fleet vehicles.”