Blue Stream launched

Blue Stream launched

It started as a few vague ideas and rough sketches, but Scania’s Limited Edition Blue Stream is now very much a reality.

For many trucking enthusiasts, owning or driving a Scania V8 isn’t enough. They want something out of the ordinary. Scania, in close collaboration with legendary custom truck company Svempas, has developed special editions of its V8 trucks, known as Limited Edition, for some of these devotees. The latest of these, Blue Stream, was launched in spring 2014.

Jan Richter, head designer at Svempas.Peter Cederling

“We’ve focused on the Streamline concept but emphasised certain lines in Blue Stream so that they stand out more clearly,” says Jan Richter, head designer at Svempas and the man behind the styling of this Limited Edition.

“The Scania identity is important”

Richter’s work on Blue Stream began in 2011, while the Black Amber Limited Edition series was still in its design phase. He wanted to do something that could be linked to the first Streamline series (1991).

The Limited Edition process is a collaborative one. “I start off by making rough profile sketches that I show to the Scania team,” Richter explains. “We then stayed in close contact, discussing how to proceed about once a week. At each meeting, I bring new sketches that I’ve drafted. This is how a new Limited Edition gradually takes shape.”

Richter has a relatively free rein when it comes to designing a new Limited Edition for Scania.

“The Scania identity is important, and after working with Scania for all these years I’ve become very familiar with its essence,” says Richter. “It’s also crucial that any colours we use do not conflict with this identity.” Other instructions from Scania include a stipulation that as many processes as possible be handled within the factory.

“There’s a balance to be struck between good production economics, lead times for assembly and striking, sustainable and easily recognisable design, combined with the paint shades unique to the Limited Edition series,” Richter explains.


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