Better business with skilled drivers

Better business with skilled drivers

With the introduction of Scania’s new XT construction truck range, the hugely successful Driver Training and Driver Coaching programmes are being expanded to encompass more transport applications, such as construction.

To date, these programmes have largely focused on long-haulage drivers and, while fuel consumption remains an essential parameter, additional factors can be just as important in other industries. It may be difficult to avoid fuel-consuming idling on construction sites or in city rush hour traffic, for example. Similarly, using the PTO will inflate the fuel bill.

Scania’s trainers can compare the fuel consumption

Scania’s trainers can compare the fuel consumption with that of similar vehicles in similar operation in the region, thereby determining how the driver compares with his or her peers. Thus, the training content can be individually adapted to suit the transport operation and the individual driver.

Construction industry transport can be operated as long distance, regional, urban or off-road or a combination of all of these. Anticipation, aerodynamics, fuel consumption, braking, safety, tyres, comfort, health and load impact are all factors that to a greater or lesser extent are affected by driver performance.

The application-based driver training focuses on areas that the driver can influence; namely fuel efficiency, productivity, safety and security, and environmental performance.

An urban tipper truck might be operating 1,500 hours a year with an income of 75 euros an hour. A mere one percent in increased productivity gives another 15 hours of operation, which translates into an additional 1,125 euro income per year.

“We can really add value by tailoring driver training”

“With this concept, we can really add value by tailoring driver training to the customer’s and driver’s specific needs,” says Johan Björkegren, Scania’s Product and Concept Manager for Driver Services. “It enables long-term driver training programmes that ensure a consistent and sustainable performance boost.”