Scania at a Glance

Better business for transport companies with Ecolution by Scania

In a six-month trial offering to selected transport companies, more than 800 trucks optimised according to the Ecolution by Scania concept are currently operating in Europe. 

“Traditionally, we have sold trucks and services with clearly defined responsibilities,” says Product Director Stefan Sylvander. “In Ecolution by Scania we are selling a certain cost per tonne and a defined saving – in other words, a comprehensive solution with declared results.”

An eye on fuel consumption

The vehicles taking part in the programme are monitored as they strive to achieve consumption targets.

“The monitoring makes it possible to evaluate the savings potential in a real operation,” says Sylvander. “Based on the experience so far, it’s clear that Scania and its distributors are creating both a business opportunity and a strong offering for the customer.”

Better business in sight

When introduced in 2010, Ecolution by Scania focused on carbon dioxide reduction and alternative fuels. Today the scope includes fuel efficiency, which is of particular interest in long-haulage operations that run mainly on traditional diesel.

“The biggest environmental benefit arises from more efficient diesel trucks,” says Sylvander.

Currently available for new trucks only, Ecolution by Scania is linked to Scania Driver Training and Driver Follow-up, the latter providing the driver with regular personal coaching on driving style, as well as suggestions for improvements. Ecolution by Scania also includes a special maintenance programme to keep the vehicle in top shape and ensure that it remains optimised for fuel economy.