Before taking the next step

Before taking the next step

The last weeks of the first rotation went by so fast they felt like only a few days.

Briefly, December started with yet another trip (read about the others in my earlier posts at traineebloggen) when a large number of trainees, both current and earlier ones, went to Sälen to spend some days strengthening the network and enjoying the slopes. Then there was a seminar week, focusing on one of Scania’s four core processes, namely Product Development. The week was planned by a group of trainees and was filled with interesting lectures by our colleagues, cases and study visits (well done!). In the end of the month all focus turned to wrapping up the project (not entirely true, in parallel there was also heaps of preparations for what was to come…) before taking some days off to enjoy Christmas.

January brought lots of snow and additional preparations, because despite my attempts to arrange everything before Christmas break, the trip approached without me having the visa. I received the visa letter just in time to be able to run (literally) to the embassy the very last day before departure in order for them to issue a single entry visa. The man at the embassy handling my consular errand sighed heavily… but now, rotation number two is about to take off and I am currently (wide awake way after midnight) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! The next three months I will spend at Scania (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. located in Selangor (more exactly here).Scania’s history in Malaysia dates back to 1971 and I am very excited to work with the Flow director for Asia and Oceania, visiting several Asian markets and our commercial parties.

To spend a rotation abroad is an opportunity I value highly, and it was one of the reasons why I chose to apply to the Graduate trainee program. The application is now open for this year’s program, which has been redesigned but still, and even more so, holds this opportunity. The new program is one month longer and will provide the next trainees with an in-depth understanding also of Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH (VWTB). Two of the periods will be carried out abroad, one within Volkswagen Truck & Bus and one within the Scania global commercial organisation. Personally I find this attractive, but one should also reflect upon if leaving home and challenge yourself abroad suits you. If the answer is yes, then do not hesitate to apply here. My trainee colleague Denice has written a very informative post about what the recruitment process was like. The only thing I would like to add is to think of the entire recruitment days as part of the process and a possibility to interact with and make an impression on the company’s representatives, not only the elements to be performed!

For me, travelling in work is way different than going on a backpacking trip or studying abroad. I like to think of myself as a confident traveller but now you must depend on yourself to a higher degree. The first two days here did drain my energy, and I felt alone without hostel friends or fellow students to boost it. It might have been the jetlag speaking or the heat (probably a combination of the two), but when several cleaners had paid a visit to my apartment and it did not look better than before except for the exact places I had pointed out, I felt rather dejected. A swim in the pool changed my mood though and yesterday evening my headache disappeared and I took the chance to get to know the nearby Bangsar Village. Found the smallest noodle restaurant where a lot of locals seemed to be gathering, which for me is a good sign. Took the risk of letting the waiter chose his favourite as my dinner and could not say no when he asked if I could handle spicy food. I’m not too picky but I was abit sceptical when the dish was served since it included dried small fishes. But hey, it was actually tasty. And Spicy. The food made the already high outside temperature feel much warmer, but apparently I chose the right drink to accompany the food, namely; hot tea. Apparently the heat should not stay as long when drinking hot beverages (this I learnt from an Uber driver today, if it’s true I do no dare to say).

Pool area Waiter’s choice of dinner

On my way here, at the airport in Bangkok, I met a nice lady asking me what I was going to do in KL. She was from here and recommended me to learn how to use the LRT and to use Uber. She also told me that I would be fine in the area where I will live; Bangsar. ”It’s upper middle class/upper class, you’ll like it there!” It is indeed a nice area and the houses around are just stunning. But of course I want to discover more of the city, so today I spent all day covering several places in central town. Kuala Lumpur is vibrant and holds a mixture of nationalities. The differences became very apparent while walking from Chinatown to Menara Tower, where the houses and cars grew higher and more exclusive for each block that I passed. The view from the tower was amazing, and I would recommend you to go all the way up to the skydeck and the glass cubes if you are paying the city a visit! Then you should also go to the KL Bird Park and wander around watching birds flying freely.


Bird Park 

Now, I better wrap this up since I will be picked up early tomorrow to start working here!

All the best,


Monica10 January 2017
Good luck!
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