Bartosz is every transport company’s dream recruit

Bartosz is every transport company’s dream recruit

Bartosz Zapart from Poland has been awarded the Ecolution Award at Scania’s Young European Truck Driver final for being Europe’s most productive young truck driver.

Bartosz Zapart

Bartosz Zapart.

Bartosz Zapart demonstrated his productivity by driving the competition vehicle a given distance in the shortest time while maintaining the lowest fuel consumption of all participants in the qualification rounds of the Young European Truck Driver final, held in Södertälje, Sweden, on Friday 24 April.

“I have learned economic driving from the very best experts from Scania Polska,” said Bartozs.

“I’m training everyday in my work, trying to be better all the time. Maybe that’s why I got this prize,” he continued.

The purpose of the Ecolution Award is to highlight how important driver skills are in reducing fuel consumption and thereby lowering operating costs and reducing environmental impact. A skilled driver can save substantial amounts of money for a fleet operator.

Scania’s Ecolution service is a comprehensive package that improves customers’ fuel economy through the optimisation of vehicles, training of truck drivers and continuous follow-up servicing of vehicles.  Ecolution also aims at reducing the environmental impact of transport solutions.

The Young European Truck Driver competition is a part of Scania Driver Competitions, the world’s largest contest for drivers of heavy vehicles.

The competitions recognise skilful young drivers and highlight their role in achieving good operating economy, improved traffic safety and reduced environmental impact.

More than 22,000 drivers from across the whole of Europe have taken part in this year’s competition, with 26 finalists competing in the final in Södertälje, on 24-25 April.