Back to school

Back to school

Hello everyone,

The summer has ended and I am back in school. At first I did not feel particularly excited about going back to studying after having such a good time working at Scania during the summer. I felt that I had got accustomed to working with real projects at a real company rather than handing in school assignments. I realize, however, that this is my final year of studying and thus I should enjoy myself and be sure to make the most of it. It is actually only four months of regular school left for me, as the final term next spring will be devoted to my master’s thesis.

As school started I found my chosen courses to be quite interesting so I am not complaining. One example is a big project course that I am taking which will last all through December. My group conducts a real Six Sigma project at a large paper mill which is really cool. We spend several days per week on site at the plant so it gives me yet another taste of what it is like to work as an engineer. I like!

I have neither forgot about nor lost contact with Scania though. Right now I am working on finding an interesting master’s thesis topic. Therefor I have occasional contact with various Scania employees to discuss possible arrangements. Also, our next SSI-weekend will be devoted to helping all the SSI-students set up their master’s thesis. Of course it is a luxury to receive such service in finding a suitable topic. Thus I am positive that working with my master’s thesis at Scania in Södertälje next spring will be just as great as this summer has been.

All the best,

Petter Jakobsson

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