Back to school…

Back to school…

Hi everyone!

While I’m writing this I have just had my last “fika” with my group. This is my last day as a summer intern, and it feels a bit sad to leave. I have had a great summer working at ICO (my department). I have learned SO much about Scania, about customer relations and about how large industrial/IT companies operate. I have also met a lot of wonderful people, which I hope I will stay in contact with. It feels good to know that this is not my last day at Scania. In September I will be back for the third SSI-weekend, thereafter I will be back for my master thesis.

The summer has been above everything I expected. First of all, I thought that the commuting was going to be much worse than it was. From where I live, at Karlbergs Station – it takes 45 minutes with the train. It has been quite nice to have this time in the morning to read the news, have a coffee and wake up. And when you leave in the afternoon it is also nice to have those 45 minutes to relax and reflect upon everything that has happened during the day, so that you have energy to do other things when you come home. If you don’t live near the commuting trains, Scania offer buses from T-centralen and Liljeholmen for all employees – so the distance is not the problem you think it will be.

Another thing I didn’t think I would have time for was exercising. Since 1,5 hour of the day is spent at the train I thought that I wouldn’t have time to go to the gym. Well – Scania had a solution for that as well! There is a gym – gröndal – at Scania for all employees. It is great – they have a fully equipped gym, different classes, outdoor activities and a jogging trail. I went here at lunch break and after work (not before) with colleagues and friends at Scania.

Now I will have one weeks’ vacation before school starts again. It’s my very last year as a student and it’s going to be really nice to graduate eventually!

Have a great day!



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