Back to reality

Back to reality

4 rainy weeks later, I am back from my vacation with a lot of positive energy! I spent most of my holidays in Skåne, where my parents have a house. However the weather made me long for some sun so I went to Croatia the last week and came home yesterday. Its strange how easy it is to change your habits into vacation-mode, and how hard it is to change them back..


Saying goodbye to this and hello to the office

Today I’m back at the office – which I want to tell you more about in this post! I work at Scania IT, at a department called Customer Interface (IC). A short explanation of IC is that they are responsible for understanding and identifying the needs and demands within IT from Scania business. Within this department, there is a group called Customer Office (ICO). ICO are responsible for processes and methods, and by seeing Scania from a cross-functional perspective – ICO scan for opportunities to improve. This may sound a little bit fuzzy, but actually it is a perfect match for my background.

I have been studying technology, however I have been studying it from a management perspective. This means that I do not have deep knowledge within the technological details, instead I know more about the integration of technology in society and companies. IC works as a bridge between IT and the organization – which is exactly how I would describe myself. Furthermore, processes and methods within IT allows me to use my management perspective. It has been a great match for me, and I am grateful that Scania have given me this opportunity!

Now – back to work!
Have a great day



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