Back to reality

Back to reality

Monday morning and I am back at the office and my desk at RBRF! 4 weeks of well-needed and relaxing vacation has come to and end and I am back to wrap up my summer internship the coming 3 weeks.

These 3 weeks I will foremost focus on finishing my project at RBRF, investigating further regarding on what to do for my upcoming master’s thesis this spring, meeting my mentor, lunching and after-working with my fellow SSI colleagues and of course having a lot of fun!

Once I have gotten a bit further on my master’s thesis thoughts and what I want to do, I will publish a post focused only on how to find and chose an area and research question and how to go about when networking and introducing yourself during a meeting when discussing your master’s thesis. 🙂

So, what’s next for my project at RBRF? My model in Catia is almost (almost!) finished and need some final touches (which will probably take for ever and cause me a lot of head ache, because why would anything be as simple as you imagine? 😛 ) before I will prepare it for 3D printing. That is the goal, to have a physical model of the “thing” I have been modeling since I started at RBRF earlier this summer. But I am also aware of that it might not be possible due to the complexity of my model.. But I am positive, and I will do my best to leave RBRF with a physical proof of that I was here this summer and actually did something…

Ok, time to get back to work, go through 4 weeks if my mail inbox (heh), get friendly with Catia again and getting in to  work mode!

Stay classy,



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