Amusement park and a ”practical joke” – Last week in Breda

Amusement park and a ”practical joke” – Last week in Breda

My first blog post written from Sweden, after being abroad since April I am finally back. And I had such a good last week!

On Monday I had my final presentation for the management group from Scania Benelux. I presented the results of my assignments, gave my suggestions for how to improve and showed them how much money they could potentially save for Scania from implementing my ideas. I got some really good questions from the experienced managers and already the following days my presentation had been shared within the organization and I was invited to present my ideas a couple of more times!

On Tuesday I was lucky enough that my whole department had a conference day that I could join. Presentation of business/market plan, upcoming projects, “Scania game of conduct” and team building was on the schedule. And the best part.. The whole day took place in one of Netherlands most famous amusement park Efteling!  Efteling is a Fairytale Theme park and I had so much fun riding rollercoaster and fairytale tunnels while doing challenges and games with the team. One of the challenges was to picture a fairytale while riding the big ship swing. Haha this was hard but the judges could see that it was Pippi Longstocking I had drawn and I scored a point for my team 😊 The whole day ended with a nice dinner and then the most amazing light and water show!


On Wednesday I worked hard with finalizing most of my hand over, preparing all documents I have worked with, having final meetings with my colleagues and so on to be ready for my departure. I also worked with preparing the “special version” of my final presentation that was exclusive for the meeting I had invited my group for the day after.

On Thursday It was my last full day in the office and except from continuing with the hand over work I also had a lot of empty slots in my schedule for Fika that I brought for all the colleagues in the office landscape. However the day started with the final presentation for my group and I decided to make it a bit fun and memorable… So I not only showed them the results of the projects they knew I had been working on I also showed them the results of my “under cover project”.  I told them that I got an assignment from the management group to increase motivation and efficiency in the group. I can tell my manager looked a bit surprised and uncomfortable when he suddenly heard about this special assignment.

However everything was made up and in the end my final result was that the group needed a new coffee tray with Swedish inspiration which they then got from me as a good bye gift. Why a coffee tray you might think? Well in Netherlands they have a very special coffee-office culture where every group has their own coffee tray and then when someone wants a cup of coffee they always ask ALL the other colleagues as well if they want something. Then you get the coffee on the tray with written names on to make sure you are not mixing the coffee cups. The group was very happy with the gift so now I am sure the decreasing motivation trend will turn and keep a steady high!

Friday was my last day at the office and we only worked until lunch before heading to Schiphol airport and our flight to Arlanda. On my way home I felt excited to go home and for the challenges that are now awaiting me in Södertälje. However I also felt very thankful for all the experiences I have had and all the new things I have seen and learned, what a journey it has been!

Next week will also be one full week since all the trainees will gather for the last seminar week of the trainee program. More about that in next post.

See you!

/ Julia


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