Ahead of the Curve

Ahead of the Curve

The importance of constant competence development cannot be stressed enough, especially when it’s directly related to development and maintenance of the system(s) you are currently working on. My team is, as I’ve probably mentioned before, on a journey to move our system to the AWS cloud. This presents a number of new challenges and concepts to grasp as a developer. All of a sudden you need to be an expert in for example security, network and infrastructure, things that other organisations at Scania have previously provided us with.

Last week me and 2 colleagues attended the course Developing on AWS. It was great, and I’m really glad that we had some previous experience of developing on AWS. We gained knowledge of some services we haven’t used and deep dived into services we do use, this gave us a greater knowledge of how things work in the cloud. It’s great to be able to directly apply the newly obtained knowledge in your day to day work!

Meanwhile we are in the process of bringing our new Brazilian colleagues up to speed regarding our system. They will soon leave Sweden to continue their work in Brazil, but still being part of our team. This will hopefully strengthen the collaboration between Sweden and Brazil regarding IT, and also increase attractiveness for developers to work at Scania, since it, to a greater extent, enables opportunities to work abroad!

Sorry for a late post, next one will hopefully be out on Friday!

Fridens liljor!


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