A week of a Global Trainee

A week of a Global Trainee

Hi again!

In last week’s blog post I left you with the cliffhanger of me being at Schipol Airport ready for takeoff! This week I will show you what I did and also the rest of the week, for you to get an insight of the life as a Scania Trainee.


The flight took me all the way to Södertälje (or at least Arlanda)! I was here to get a sneak peak into my first position that I will start when the trainee program ends. I will then work at the Gearbox machining workshop and today we went through the quotations for a new milling machine that we will buy and (hopefully!) have installed next summer. This will be the first big project I am involved in and therefore this was a great opportunity for me to get involved early.


We met one of the potential suppliers that had been quoting for the machine. Being a supplier to Scania is not the easiest thing so before we start negotiate prices we need to make sure that the supplier is meeting all our demands. Therefore we reviewed not only the technical details but also the safety aspects, ergonomically aspects and of course the environmental aspects of the machine.

This was my last day of the `Sweden-visit“ so of course I took the opportunity to pose in front of the  Scania lake 😉



After a very short night from delayed flights and missed trains I had a great Wednesday to look forward to! Today I took my car and forced my way through the incredible thickness of Dutch morning traffic jams. My destination was the head office of Heisterkamp Oldenzaal. Heisterkamp is one of the biggest customers for our region East. I had schedule a meeting with the fleet manager to discuss the trucks that are bought from Netherlands but registered in other countries. This is for one of my projects that I think I will tell you more about in another blog post.

I was impressed by the Heisterkamp head office where they actually had the very first truck that was used in the company when it was founded in 1922! A very nice piece of history and you can tell the company has improved from starting with Ford and now buying Scanias!



Finally back at the office after almost three days! Today I had a lot of catch up work to do mostly focusing on getting ready for a workshop that I had invited for (that was held today, the Monday this blog post was posted).



Finally! The best day of the week and this week a very special day that me and the colleagues had been looking forward to for a while. This day we had a team activity dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. My colleagues and manager in Netherlands are so nice and funny. Sometimes they are so funny that I laugh even though the joke was in Dutch, that’s how funny they are!



This was a day of anticipation and eating pasta. And that due to the fact that me Axel one of my trainee friends here in Breda has been training for the Bredase Singeloop that is a half marathon race! We started training exactly 4 weeks before the day of the race with running 8 km and then we quite rapidly increased the distance.



The day of the big race! before these 4 weeks 9 km was the furthest I had ever run and I had never competed in a race since I was a child. How did it go then? Well it was probably the hardest thing I have ever done and I was almost collapsing when I crossed the finishing line. But I managed faster than the time I had as my goal and I can really say I gave it all!


This my friends was one week of my traineeship, stay tuned for next update!



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