A top employer with top employees

A top employer with top employees

Scania’s continuing success is based on our employees. Acknowledging that change starts from within, we are focusing on the skills, engagement and well-being of our employees.

The disruptive trends influencing today’s transport industry mean we are constantly having to learn new technologies and re-think what we know. To meet future requirements and to secure efficient and effective business development we need to be both agile and flexible to handle the shift, as it also includes a shift in competences.

A business-driven focus

Scania needs a diverse and inclusive approach to succeed in keeping and attracting the top talent needed on this change journey. In close dialogue with our employee representatives, we cherish the power of our talented people as we establish strategic partnerships, organisational structures and decision-making models in support of Scania’s business strategy.

The right people and skills

Scania is focused on becoming a top employer with top employees – people with the right skills needed in the shift towards sustainable transport. We need to understand the competencies required today, in 2025, and beyond. We do that by breaking down business goals into roles and skills and assess where we need new competencies, re-train our current employees, or enter strategic partnerships with leading academia, to cultivate such skills.

We also realise we have a huge pool of potentially underutilised talent in our company. At Scania we have developed a strategy for capturing the diverse skills and perspectives of our employees. We call it Skill Capture and it is our way of ensuring a diverse workforce and an inclusive corporate culture. Scania needs to reflect our markets to be able to relate to customer needs. It requires a broader representation of nationalities, gender, religion, physical conditions and a wider cognitive diversity among our co-workers.

Skill Capture began in 2015 with management seminars to establish ways of working to allow our employees to perform at their full potential in an environment where all feel appreciated and respected. The seminars have resulted in actions on how to spread best practice and necessary improvement activities. In 2018 we will start he next step by involving our entire work force through dialogue in all teams – gathering the skills of around 49,300 employees to further develop Scania’s ability to be diverse and inclusive.

Safe, healthy and engaged

A safe and healthy workplace, with a work-life balance is a corporate priority. Our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) standard takes its cue from our core value Respect for the individual. Scania’s healthy attendance level of 96.2 percent reflects the importance placed on well-being. We recognise that when our employees feel included and secure they share their knowledge and engage to the full potential.

Our high internal employee turnover of 5.3 percent, proves the commitment to developing our employees and their willingness to take opportunities afforded by global mobility. More than 378 employees from 30 different countries work on international assignments in 48 different countries. Being part of Volkswagen Truck & Bus opens up possibilities of more employee rotation and mobility, enabling us to broaden the base from which to find the right competencies.

Tailor-made training

Scania Academy provides tailor-made programmes for our employees and employees in the dealership network with digital and physical classrooms. We also work closely with the education sector to secure innovative talent, through initiatives such as the Scania Engineer Program, the Scania Global Champion Trainee Program and our Industrial Doctorate Program.

Each year, Scania uses an Employee Satisfaction Barometer and the results pleasingly confirm that Scania is seen as an attractive employer with an open climate.