A “normal” day within Global Technical Support

A “normal” day within Global Technical Support

I got the idea to describe a normal day within the department but I quickly realized that every day is different so here comes a summary of the 17th October.

Arrived in the office at approximately 8 am, started the computer and took a cup of coffee to start the system. Swallowed my pride and congratulated Niklas to AIK´s (ice hockey team from Stockholm) win against Leksand (the ice hockey team that I follow) yesterday. Me and Niklas below. Got a chance to discuss with the personnel before the first meeting of the day.


This meeting was a follow up discussion with Patrik who, among other things, are responsible for our VOR (vehicle off Road) project. The project is aiming to reduce the lead time for our technical answers to the Scania workshops. As always an intensive and positive brainstorming meeting.

After that discussion I attended the daily follow up meeting between our team in Hong Kong and the European groups. Purpose is to discuss technical questions and handover items that have not been solved in order to help our customers as quick as possible.

After the meeting we discussed a high priority question from Paraguay and we came up with a possible technical solution with the help of Thomas, one of our technical support engineers. Our team in Brasil had started to solve this question yesterday but sent it to the teams in Sweden. We then managed to solve the question while it was night in Latin America and send the solution to the workshop, so it was available when they started to work in the morning. Interesting to work in a global organisation.

Time for lunch with the managers working in Södertälje. We have this lunch once every month to get a chance to spend some time together. Andreas, one of the managers, had chosen a nice restaurant in Södertälje. The last time I got the chance to decide I took the canteen close to the chassis line (chassimatsalen) which was not that popular. I wonder why?

After lunch we had a department management meeting, with Hong Kong connected via Lync, where we discussed the focus areas and goals for the department the coming years. After the meeting I had to finalize the inputs from the other managers and send it to the responsible person.

In between the meetings I got some time to handle mails and some phone calls. The normal inflow of mails are often around 40.

The challenge is to leave the office with an empty inbox and feeling content with the day. Today I succeeded and even got a chance to write something for the Scania blog.

I wonder what will be facing me tomorrow?

Lights out….


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