A job of increasing importance

A job of increasing importance

Rikard Visuri had no thoughts of joining Scania when he completed his civil engineering degree in Computing Science at Umeå University in 2010. But when he had an interview appointment, he changed his mind entirely.

– I liked the people and realised how important IT was to the entire company, he says. This was what I wanted.

IT as a core business

Rikard’s first role at Scania IT was as a developer within Product Data Management. Since a few months he works as a Software Architect within Flexible Maintenance. His role comprises main responsibility for the software design in some systems related to service and maintenance.

– IT is a very important core business today, Rikard says. And with our ways of working we move quickly into action.

The period leading up to the launch of Next Generation Scania was very intensive, especially for Scania IT.

– It was hectic, but very exciting and a lot of fun, he says. Seeing new services and applications work in practice is very satisfying.

Rikard Visuri, Software Architect within Flexible Maintenance.

Rikard Visuri, Software Architect within Flexible Maintenance.Chrelle Ekstrand 2016

New blood

These days, recruiting new employees is a challenge for any IT employer. But Rikard views the great variation of work tasks and the opportunity to be at the very forefront of technological development as two of the best reasons for working at Scania IT.

– We develop everything from vehicle hardware to accounting information systems, which means we have a hand in just about every area, he says. At the moment, we are doing a project on using a greater amount of cloud services. This suits me perfectly, as I have long since seen the opportunities brought about through cloud services. And getting to develop these is extremely exciting.


Name: Rikard Visuri
Age: 31
Title: Software Architect, Flexible Maintenance
Education: M.Sc. degree in Computing Science, Umeå University
Started at Scania: August 2011
Favourite spare time activities: Running, skiing (both downhill and cross country), programming (to make my home “smart”), computer- and board games.