“I can’t imagine working without Ecolution”

“I can’t imagine working without Ecolution”

What can a Native American tribe and one of Central Europe’s largest logistic companies possibly have in common? Well, more than the name, it seems.

Eduard Šneidar

Eduard Šneidar, director of transport at HOPI s.r.o.

Hopi is a Native American tribe from Arizona. The word Hopi represents their spiritual goal – a mental state of being in complete harmony with the natural world and all things.

“Initially the shared name was just a coincidence. But we discovered that we actually have a lot in common. In many respects, our corporate policies are identical to the credo of the Hopi tribe,” says Eduard Šneidar, director of transport at HOPI s.r.o.

Eduard’s move into the HOPI logistics business started right after his graduation in transportation science from the Czech Technical University in Prague.
“At that time, to me, the word ‘logistics’ was just a technical term from some textbook. I decided to find out what it meant in practice. Now that I’ve been with HOPI for 13 years, logistics has become one of my main interests, along with sport, music and documentaries.”

I can’t imagine working without Ecolution

Thanks to Ecolution by Scania HOPI s.r.o. has made significant cost savings and reduced its carbon dioxide emissions.

I can’t imagine working without Ecolution

The logistics company HOPI s.r.o. operates with a strong environmental ethos, just like the Native American Hopi tribe.

HOPI s.r.o. is a family owned logistics company in Central Europe with about 4000 employees and 500 vehicles. Like the tribe, HOPI operates with a strong environmental ethos. Not surprising then, that the choice fell on Ecolution by Scania when the time came to upgrade the fleet with 108 new trucks.
“In the current market situation, where you’re looking to economize and streamline, it seemed a ‘sin’ not to try this,” Eduard says.

Ecolution by Scania helps customers drastically reduce costs and carbon dioxide emissions while improving road safety. Components include carbon-optimized vehicle specifications, driver training, feedback on real-time environmental performance and a maintenance agreement.
“We’ve made significant savings thanks to the Ecolution tools,” Eduard tells us.

One advantage he mentions is that they now have access to vehicle data more or less on-line and in an intuitive format.
“It’s one thing to have all the data. But if you don’t know what it all means, it’s useless. With this system, the data are presented in a simple, intuitive way that everyone can get to grips with.”