Scania trucks prepare for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Scania trucks prepare for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazilian firm Concreserv is using Scania trucks to deliver concrete for Arena Corinthians, a crucial stadium for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

It’s a great honour for a construction-sector company to help build a stadium to host several FIFA World Cup events. But Brazilian concrete and industrial-floor supplier Concreserv is especially proud of its role in the construction of Arena Corinthians in São Paulo. Not only will the stadium in the Itaquera district host the 2014 World Cup’s opening ceremony and several finals, it will also become a home ground for the Corinthians football team.

Concreserv’s owners, the Novais family, are Corinthians fans, as is the company’s Commercial Director, Márcio Pardini. “Being part of a project of this magnitude is very special for the company and for us as fans,” Pardini says. “Concreserv is, above all, passionate about Brazilian soccer.”

New Scania trucks do the job

Scania P310 8X4 concrete mixer CONCRESERV, Márcio Pardini, Arena Corinthians.

Scania P310 8X4 concrete mixer CONCRESERV, Márcio Pardini, Arena Corinthians.

Over the course of a year the Corinthians Arena construction project has used 50,000 cubic metres of concrete from Concreserv. The company purchased 15 new Scania P 310 8×4 trucks, supplied with 10 cubic metre drums, in order to be able to meet this operational demand.

Pardini says that the load capacity and torque of the vehicles’ engines were the deciding factors in the purchase. “With a truck from another manufacturer we could carry 17.5 tonnes per trip,” he says. “With Scania it’s nearly 25 tonnes. This has allowed us to increase our productivity.”

Working around the clock

Another requirement of Concreserv was that the vehicles should be able to pull heavy loads over difficult terrain and demonstrate high durability and low maintenance costs. “The construction of the arena goes from Sunday to Sunday and the trucks are working all the time, as their engines drive the drums that mix the concrete,” Pardini says.

Another important factor was driver comfort. “It’s a truck with advanced technology, which makes life easier for those who spend much of the day driving,” Pardini says. Daniel Gil do Nascimento,  a driver involved in the construction of the stadium, agrees: “I have been driving trucks for eight years, but I had never worked with a Scania. It’s incredible.”

Concreserv was awarded the contract to work on the stadium after a long process which included meeting with Odebrecht, the construction company in charge of the project.

Arena Corinthians in figures

• 198,000 m2 field surface area
• 189,000 m2 built area
• 31,500 m2 metal roofing
• 1,943 uncovered parking spaces
• 990 covered parking spaces
• 48,000 seats
• 89 boxes
• 502 toilets
• 4 restaurants/sport bars

Source: Odebrecht