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Training expert drivers

Both experienced and new drivers benefit from Scania driver training. Our progressive techniques are aimed at immediately increasing fuel efficiency, road safety and sustainability, while significantly reducing downtime and operating costs.

Driver performance

Scania Driver Training gives the driver the opportunity to perform at its best. A skilled driver contributes to increased road safety and better fuel economy and also lowers the environmental foot print.

Immediate and long term effects

After the training you get an immediate effect by lower fuel consumption. But trained drivers also result in long term benefits such as higher road safety and less wear and tear on the truck.

Motivation is key

Changing a behaviour is not all that easy. Through our training we support, encourage and coach the drivers on a regular basis. This strategy has already been a great success for many great Scania drivers.


“Uptime is a new concept in East Africa, but very easy to understand. Drive safely, avoid accidents and unnecessary downtime – and earn more money!”

Hezzy Maina,

Head of Operations Scania Driver Training East Africa