Scania’s entire new generation is now in place in Europe

With all the new products and services now being showcased, the launch of Scania’s new truck generation is almost complete in Europe. What is still to come is a number of customer and press events at which the groups concerned can meet representatives of the Scania family and, above all, experience and drive the new products and learn how Scania’s services help to generate profitability for customers.

The launch is now also under way in earnest in the world outside Europe, where other markets can find out about all the new features. The launch as a whole will be fully completed in 2019. The starting point was back in August 2016 when Scania showcased the first members of the new truck generation at the Grand Palais in Paris.

In the first round the focus was on long-distance vehicles, while the second phase (September 2017) was dominated by construction applications. Now, in the third and final European launch, the focus is on urban applications – i.e. transport operations carried out in, around and between cities where all aspects of sustainability are the main challenge.

“Replacing and upgrading Scania’s entire global offering is a fantastic experience,” says Alexander Vlaskamp, Senior Vice President, Scania Trucks. “It’s a real pleasure to be able to introduce the world’s most modern and sustainable transport solutions, and there is an incredible amount of work behind it all to ensure that everything is in place and on time.”   

"Scania’s solutions for sustainable transport demonstrate that as a manufacturer Scania is always genuinely interested in its customers being able to earn money from their investment."

Alexander Vlaskamp

Senior Vice President, Scania Trucks

 “The foundation of this is obviously having an incredibly good offering with both the right products and the right services,” he says. “We also clearly demonstrate that sustainability and profitability goes hand-in-hand.”

It has all met with a good reception: the independent media have carried out testing and have given the thumbs up and customers have poured in, done test drives and ordered new vehicles in a steady stream. What is it that has been the main attraction for both the media and for customers?

“There are many details you can point to such as the incredibly low fuel consumption, the driving experience and the cab interior, but I still think that it’s the solution as a whole that is appreciated,” Vlaskamp says. “It’s a seamless Scania offering, in which each part has been developed and many new ones have been added. Customers feel that our products and services are for them, and their profitability is our proof that we have got it right – and that is appreciated.”

In the third launch phase Scania is putting all its efforts into sustainable solutions for urban applications. There is a great deal of expectation from the outside world, especially given that Scania has established such a clear leadership in the field in the heavy vehicle industry.

“Scania stands out by demonstrating that profitability and sustainability are not in conflict with one another but that each needs the other,” Vlaskamp says. “The offering Scania is now introducing for urban applications shows this quite clearly.”      


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