New Scania CrewCab – a world class crew cab

  • Scania’s new CrewCab – probably the best crew cab in the world
  • Collision and impact-tested, can be ordered with four rollover side curtain airbags and ready for service under harsh conditions
  • Entirely new crew cabs in two lengths,  included in Scania’s modular system; can carry up to eight passengers 
  • Extremely flexible and easy to customise

Scania’s CrewCab is something of an institution in markets around the world. It is now the turn of the new truck generation to be expanded by an ultramodern version of the P-based Scania CrewCab in two sizes. Emergency services and fire brigades that need to carry both personnel and equipment fast and safe really have something to look forward to. 

“Scania’s new CrewCab is characterised by having been industrialised and modularised, which in plain terms means that it offers just the same quality, comfort and safety as our other cabs,” says Henrik Eng, Product Director, Urban, Scania Trucks. “It’s totally free of compromises and special solutions, even though these are highly specialised products that is tailored for demanding assignments when life’s may be at risk.” 

Greater flexibility

“With our new offering, it’s possible to customise optimum solutions for all types of applications where you need a crew cab without having to compromise or be affected by excessive lead times,” Eng says. “If you add to this the fact that it has safe characteristics on the road, excellent brakes and engines with up to 500 horsepower, you can see that it is just cut out for emergency services with rapid call-outs.”

Everything is characterised by flexibility and options to design the crew cab section precisely to customers’ own requirements. Scania estimates that the lead time for manufacturing a typical emergency vehicle has been cut by at least 30 percent due to the new truck generation’s crew cabs and other characteristics. The cabs are thoroughly prepared for routing electrical and air connections, there are numerous robust attachment points, and an upper row of holes is provided on the vehicle’s frame for the bodybuilder to make use of.

The crew compartment area can be equipped with everything from separate AC and heating systems, controlled either manually or automatically, in conjunction with the vehicle’s basic system. The seating can be made up of separate seats or full bench seats and can be fitted with various seatbelt configurations, depending on whether the passengers are wearing rescue equipment. 

The boarding step has been improved and there are a number of clearly visible handles to help you get in or out. And options such as the Scania City safe window, high air intake, vertical exhaust outlet or various power take-offs are available, directly from the factory.

Strongest crew cab in the world

A unique feature of all Scania’s cabs is that, in addition to the usual crash tests, they also undergo impact and rollover tests in accordance with the earlier Swedish regulations, under which the same cab has to undergo all tests.

Scania’s new crew cab is really new from the ground up. It is fully integrated into Scania’s modular system and can be equipped in the same way as all other P-cabs, regardless of whether you choose a CP28 or CP31. The longer version can also be obtained in two different roof heights: Low (which most customers choose) or Normal. An important explanation for the seamless impression is that the entire extension, regardless of variant, is situated behind the front cab section (instead of cutting it in the middle).

“We believe that our new Scania CrewCab will be a success among the emergency services and other types of customers that need to carry both a crew and equipment,” Eng says. “It can carry up to eight passengers, who travel with a level of comfort and safety that set new benchmarks in the industry.” 

Scania’s new crew cabs set new benchmarks in the industry by offering unparalleled comfort, quality and safety. They can carry up to eight passengers, who are protected by four rollover side-curtain airbags in a compartment that is characterised by quality, ergonomics and comfort.

Scania’s CrewCab can be ordered with all versions of Scania’s DC09 and DC13 engines, combined with either Allison automatic gearboxes or Scania’s own automated gearboxes with Scania Opticruise. Slighter larger solutions with an
electrically-steered third tag axle (6x2*4) can now be ordered directly from the factory as well.

Leader in its class   

“The new Scania CrewCab is based on the quality that the Scania P-series and the new truck generation represents,” Eng says. “But perhaps the most important characteristic is still the freedom of choice – the fact that the vehicle can be customised specifically to the customer’s needs. We are convinced that we will obtain even greater market shares in these applications with the help of the new Scania CrewCab.”  


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Henrik Eng, Product Director, Urban, Scania Trucks
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