Scania launches a new range of solutions for sustainable city transport

  • The launch of the new truck generation continues, introducing  sustainable solutions for distribution, waste and fire & rescue vehicles in urban environments in accordance with Scania’s stated “here and now” philosophy.
  • Powerful gas engines for a wide range of applications.
  • New 7-litre engine range for reduced fuel consumption and increased load-carrying capacity.
  • Significantly extended cab range with a new L-series, low-entry city cab and a new CrewCab with greatly improved safety.

Scania is now entering its third launch phase of the new truck generation for European markets. The focus is on urban applications used for distribution and transport operations in, around and between cities, as well as for refuse collection, municipality and emergency vehicles. Urban mobility is crucial to enable modern cities to operate effectively and to be attractive and sustainable.

“As a leader in sustainable transport, our starting point is that customers need to be able to tackle challenges such as congestion, safety, concern for the environment and overall economy, while  at the same time offering attractive working conditions,” says Alexander Vlaskamp, Senior Vice President Scania Trucks. “With this introduction of more products and services, we can present both a more tailored, sustainable and cost efficient offering than other manufacturers in each customer meeting.”

The third European phase of Scania’s major launch of the new truck generation is focusing on urban solutions for those applications that operate mainly in cities and urban areas. New engines, new cabs and more options allow Scania to consolidate its leading position in sustainable solutions.

Urban transport solutions involve everything from goods distribution and refuse collection to advanced logistics systems with a focus on sustainability and efficiency. Large cities with many inhabitants in a small area are advantageous from a distance perspective: the challenge is that many road users need to share that space without coming into conflict with one another.

Scania continues to lead the way with solutions that are sustainable from all perspectives, while naturally meeting the typical challenges that urban transport has to contend with, such as profitability, noise, environmental aspects and queues. The introduction of Scania’s new truck range expands its urban offering significantly.

“Scania has taken a strategic decision to add new services and a range of very versatile products on both the engine and cab sides,” says Vlaskamp. “The ability of operators and transport buyers to customise a sustainable solution in dialogue with Scania is reaching new levels, regardless of the urban application or the kind of challenges that are involved. Sustainability is the key question for cities all around the globe.”

For further information, please contact:

Alexander Vlaskamp, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Scania Trucks
Phone: +46 70 081 10 93; email:

Örjan Åslund, Head of Product Affairs, Scania Trucks
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