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Scania Driver Com­pe­ti­tions



The first Scania Driver Competitions was held in 2003 and since then, seven European winners have brought home a new Scania truck.  At first, the competition was called Young European Truck Driver. The name changed to Scania Driver Competitions and the age limit was removed for the Euopean competitions in 2018.

There has been one global competition, and Asia, Latin America and Africa have their own competitions. 

Number of par­tic­i­pants in SDC 2014 – 2015:

More than 23,000 drivers from across the whole of Europe have taken part of in the competition during 2014-2015. 

Total number of par­tic­i­pants in all previous com­pe­ti­tions:

Scania Driver Competitions have grown into a worldwide movement with over 350,000 participants globally. What started as a European initiative is now the world’s biggest driving competition for truck and bus drivers in over 50 countries.

The initiative started in 2003 to highlight the importance of driver skills to increase awareness of road safety and the environment.
We have had the same key message since then (“Scania believes that the driver is the single most important asset for economy, the environment and safety”) - but this time with focus on sustainable transport solutions and how we are driving the shift.


Winner 2015

Meet the winner of Scania Driver Competitions 2014/2015, Lars Søndergård.

René Seckler, winner of Scania Driver Competitions 2007

Why did you sign up for SDC?

“I love challenges, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do. I also wanted to check how I stood up to the competition.”

What is your strength as a driver?

“My ability to prioritise safety and ‘look ahead’ at all times. This approach has helped me a lot – in my work, in my private life, and in the competition.”

What’s the best thing about driving a truck?

“The freedom and the opportunity to see the world at the same time.”

What have you done since SDC?

“First, I worked as a driving coach for truck drivers for seven years. Today I work for Scania Germany, organising press tests for trade journalists. So although I don’t work as a driver any more, I learned a lot from taking part in the competition – and still benefit from the experience during my daily work.”

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