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To get a feeling about the concept of Scania Driver competitions

Precision-, fuel efficient- and sustainable driving

Not to mention life-saving, cargo securing and much more… These are among the essential skills that a driver needs to master. Now these key skills are being assessed during the Scania Driver Competitions 2018 – 2019.

Securing the “Europe’s best truck driver” title and the first prize, a premium Scania truck, involves more than just keeping water in the container. The driver’s attitude is also assessed, which Evsäter mentions regularly in conversation – mainly because it is particularly important to get high scores in this area. The driver’s attitude includes an awareness of fuel economy; topographical knowledge and making the best of the terrain; and time planning. But it also includes qualities such as an ability to keep calm, be effective and maintain a good attitude in all kinds of traffic situations.

The transport business is in great need of more drivers, and one of the main purposes of Scania Driver Competitions is to inspire interest in the profession.

“There is a lot of discussion about the shortage of drivers in all our markets,” Evsäter says. “With Scania Driver Competitions, we aim to encourage more people to become drivers, and to raise the status of the profession. We consider the drivers who enter the competition to be our heroes, and in each country we get hundreds of drivers who become great ambassadors for the transport business.”

“It’s fantastic to witness the drivers’ engagement and joy when they win,” she says. “The driver who won in Ukraine got down on his knees and cried for joy. Having these kinds of experiences is the best part of my job.”

Helena Evsäter (to the left)

Activities Coordinator at Scania

Road safety, improved fuel consumption and minimising the environmental impact of truck driving… The European Commission’s 2003 directive on driver training inspired Scania Driver Competitions – the biggest event of their kind in the world. This year’s competition is open to participants from 30 European countries.

Helena Evsäter, Activities Coordinator at Scania, is responsible for the different challenges in the competition. She is among the 25 Scania who regularly tour Europe with three Scania Driver Competitions Trailers carrying all the equipment required to support the various local markets in arranging their finals.


A driver can either take the theory test online or qualify for the competition by using the Scania Fleet Management System. Participants will compete for top rankings by measuring driver performance over time, and will be able to follow their own performance in the Scania Fleet Management app. The drivers who either have the highest scores in the theory test or achieve the highest levels of fuel efficiency will qualify for the next round.

Regional format

Qualification round
  • Check before driving – here, the challenge is to identify as many traffic deviations as possible on a prepared vehicle in 10 minutes.
  • Fuel economy driving.
  • Defensive driving – showing good judgement in traffic situations, both economical and well planned driving. Attitude and behaviour are also assessed.
  • Boardwalk – a manoeuvring track designed to test the driver’s skills and ability handle the truck’s size and position.
Regional semi-finals
  • Water challenge 
Regional final
  • Knock the King – a precision driving test that involves knocking over the right cone in the right way.

National format

Qualifying round
  • Rescue and fire – testing the ability to act quickly and appropriately in an emergency situation.
  • Manoeuvring track of the driver’s choice (Reverse Z or Super Z or Combo – Reverse Z). These tracks test the driver’s ability to move a vehicle in all directions with the utmost precision.
  • Cargo securing.
  • Water challenge 
National semi-finals
  • Head 2 Head (Knock the King) – precision driving where the task is to knock down the right cone in the right way, at the same time as an opponent does exactly the same thing. The duel approach adds another dimension: stress. 
National final
  • Head 2 Head (Knock the King) 

Final format


More about the challenges!

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Your prize awaits

In addition to being crowned the best truck driver in Europe, the winner gets approximately €100,000 to spend on a brand new custom-made Scania truck.

History about the competitions

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