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New challenge this year

One new challenge in the competition is the “water challenge”. In this new precision-manoeuvring test a large water-filled container is placed on the truck. The driver’s task is to drive so smoothly that no water is spilled. “This might not be the most difficult challenge, but it is definitely one of the most appealing for the audience,” Evsäter says. “The real challenge lies in the fact that you tend to forget about the water container. With a container filled with water placed on the tractor unit, the driver’s task is to follow a pre-set route while knocking down cones with a specified part of the vehicle such as the tyres. At the same time, the driver should drive as smoothly as possible to avoid spilling any water.

Knock the king

The objective of the challenge is to show good ability in manoeuvring the vehicle safely without making mistakes. The track tests the contestants’ ability to position the vehicle with precision. Calm but efficient driving is rewarded while mistakes are penalised.


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History about the competitions

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