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For nonstop business

When you’re working in remote areas with insufficient infrastructure, the smartest solutions are required to tackle everything from dependability to logistics Driving conditions, payload, and fuel consumption are all part of the equation when we specify the perfect vehicle together.

Measure the costs and benefits

They key to high productivity is to keep the wheels turning day in and day out. To succeed, you need robust, high performance trucks tailored exactly to your operational needs. Better fuel consumption and being on-road legal means you can easily transport your materials from the mine straight to where they need to be.

Take the road train

When you want to improve efficiency and uptime rates, as well as reduce running costs, Scania is the way to go. The trucks are tailored to your operating needs and well suited to turn your outbound operations into profitable business. The robust and reliable Scania trucks are simply the perfect choice for tough outbound haulage.

Designed for the driver

Scania cabs are designed with the driver in mind. The result is an ergonomic and spacious workplace even for driving long hours in tough and rocky mining environments.

Built to last

At Scania we tailor your vehicle to maximise productivity and improve the total operating economy. We offer among the widest range of chassis, drivelines and axles, that can be configured to fit your specific needs.

When you need to maximise the payload, the choice is simple. Scania offers among the lightest trucks on the market. Yet they are extremely robust and dependable. Great for productivity. Great for business.

With many years experience, Scania’s modular range of truck chassis offers almost limitless scope for customisation. Frames with single members are available, as well as flitched frames in several strengths.

High-torque output and outstanding fuel economy are a few of the benefits of Scania’s renowned engines. The comprehensive range is available with power outputs up to 730 hp. With our wide range of engines, gearboxes and central gears, you can specify a truck that suits your mining needs perfectly.

The Scania heavy tipper

With excellent equipment-to-payload ratio and greatly improved technical availability, the Scania heavy tipper can be specially tailored to meet any type of mining-specific demands. . Vital components in the powertrain and suspension have been designed and tested to enable outstanding durability and reliability.

Target payload

Axle configuration 6x4 8x4
Target payload
30,000 kg
40,000 kg
Gross vehicle weight
47,000 kg
58,000 kg
Front axle weight
11,000 kg
2 x 11,000 kg
Bogie weight
36,000 kg
36,000 kg

Payload Guideline

This guideline is a proven method for predicting customer-relevant factors like durability, operating costs, and productivity. By following this rule, the customer will benefit from both increased safety and production accuracy.
Definition: 10% of the loads may exceed 110% of target payload. No load shall ever exceed 120% of target payload.

Recommended tipper body sizes

Material density Transported material Struck volume 6x4 Struck volume 8x4 SAE 2:1 heaped volume 6x4 SAE 2:1 heaped volume 8x4
2,000 kg/m3
Iron ore
13.5 m3
18.0 m3
15.0 m3
20.0 m3
1,800 kg/m3
Gold, copper
15.0 m3
20.0 m3
16.7 m3
22.2 m3
1,600 kg/m3
16.9 m3
22.5 m3
18.8 m3
25.0 m3
1,400 kg/m3
Bauxite, limestone
19.3 m3
25.7 m3
21.4 m3
28.6 m3
1,200 kg/m3
25.0 m3
33.3 m3
1,000 kg/m3
30.0 m3
40.0 m3

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