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Choose your cab

XT is applicable on our entire cab-range and engine programme. Like all Scania vehicles, the XT range will benefit from the flexibility of our well-known modular system. It enables us to tailor solutions to meet the individual needs of every customer in order to ensure maximum profitability – always setting standards, never settling for them.


Choose your power

Scania has the broadest range of powertrains on the market. Now it’s even broader with the addition of the performance stage 540 hp. We have in fact updated the whole range of 9 & 13-litres Euro 6 engines giving a fuel saving of up to 2% fuel. 

13-litre (Euro 3)

Output Torque Fuel Engine PTO
360 hp
1800 Nm
2050 Nm
460 hp
2250 Nm

16-litre (Euro 3)

Output Torque Fuel Engine PTO
560 hp
2700 Nm
600 Nm


Our comprehensive gearbox range can be adapted to all types of transport. For improved drivability, our 8- and 12-speed gearboxes can be fitted with Scania Opticruise and Scania Retarder.

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Range-change gearboxes
Range-splitter gearboxes

The virtue of this gearbox lies in its simplicity. Rugged and compact, there are no crawler ratios and the smooth, positive action makes gearchanging easy. Options include Scania Opticruise, Scania Retarder and a selection of power take-offs.

This gearbox offers similar advantages, together with an extra crawler ratio. Based on a 4-speed box, plus a planetary section, its strength is more than a match for the high-torque output of any Scania inline engine. Options include Scania Retarder and a selection of power take-offs.


This gearbox is built to tackle the most challenging terrain, making it the perfect choice for demanding long-haulage. Its closely stepped ratios combine light weight with ease of driving with exceptional operating economy.

For applications that demand extra low-speed pulling power, this gearbox has two extra crawler ratios. Designed for optimised economy, it has proved highly successful for both long-distance and regional distribution, as well as heavy construction applications. The overdrive versions offer higher torque capacity, plus overdrive for low and economic cruising revs. Scania Opticruise and Scania Retarder, as well as a selection of power take-offs, are available for all range-splitter gearboxes.

Rear axle gears

Scania’s rear axle range offers a robust and weight optimised design with a wide variety of gears and ratios, so you can find the optimal solution for your operation. All gears are offered with differential locks.

Single driven
Tandem driven

Axle configuration and chassis height

Front, rear, fixed and steered tag axles – Scania can match the requirements of any application. Scania XT can be teamed with a wide range of chassis configurations with different heights.

4x2 Chassis height: Extra low, low, normal, high

4x4 Chassis height: High

6x2 Chassis height: Normal

6x2/2 Chassis height: Normal

6x2 pusher

6x2/4 Chassis height: Normal, low

6x2 twin-steer

6x4 Chassis height: Normal, high

6x6 Chassis height: High

4x2 Chassis height: Low, normal, high

4x4 Chassis height: High

6x2 Chassis height: Low, normal

6x2/2 Chassis height: Normal

6x2 pusher

6x2/4 Chassis height: Normal

6x2 twin-steer

6x2*4 Chassis height: Low, normal

6x4 Chassis height: Normal, high

6x6 Chassis height: High

8x2 Chassis height: Normal

8x2*6 Chassis height: Low, normal

8x2 rear-steer

8x2/4 Chassis height: Normal

8x2 twin-steer

8x4 Chassis height: Normal, high

8x4*4 Chassis height: Normal

8x4 rear-stear

10x4*6 Chassis height: Normal

10x4 rear-steer

Premium chassis and bodywork

Our bodybuilder portal gives you all the tools and information you need to develop a bodywork design that will be quick and cost-effective to build and fit. Here you'll find a valuable array of instructions, drawings and details about bodywork equipment, tools, certificates and online tutorials.

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