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The Scania name guarantees excellent fuel efficiency, but we don’t stop there. This truck generation, with the innovative powertrain improvements, will shave several percentage off your fuel consumption.

Euro 3

9 litre
13 litre
16 litre

Raw power

Our 9-litre engine is available with 250 and 310 hp depending on your choice of fuel. In addition it gives you a significant weight reduction compared to the 13-litre engine, enabling you to add a little extra to your payload without compromising your performance.


Our 9-litre, five-cylinder engines have power outputs from 250 to 310 hp.

Engineered to perfection

All Euro 3 engines are approved to run on Diesel, HVO or Biodiesel.  Our latest improvements to the 13 litre go even further and reduce fuel consumption up to 3% percent. 


Our 13-litre six-cylinder units have output levels of 360, 410 and 460 hp.

Engineered to perfection

Our Euro 3 engines run on Diesel, HVO or Biodiesel. Plus with our latest improvements you get a further reduction of fuel consumption, without compromising power. And we’ll keep improving on this all the time.


The Scania 16-litre engines are available with power ratings of 560hp.


"Our primary objective with the new fuel injector was to provide the exact amount of injected fuel at a faster rate, whilst maintaining exceptional reliability and durability."

Stephen Conway



The R-series is a game-changer. It doesn’t just enhance your fuel efficiency, increase your payload and improve your productivity. It redefines premium in the long-distance transport industry, by offering you tailor-made solutions instead of standardised.

Rear axle

Scania offers a range of single reduction drive axles. Hub reduction is also available in two strengths. The R753 is a robust single gear with a ratio of 2.35 to keep the engine revs low at high cruising speed.

Tailored for you

Whatever your business or application, there’s a Scania to meet your unique operational needs.


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