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Designed to fit

The R-series has a unique combination of luxury inside and out, with the toughness to master all conditions. Driving a Scania makes a statement of style, pride and absolute capability.


“Every part, every feature has been exposed to an intense process of questioning and evaluation."

Enoch Owusu-Ansah

Pre-Sales Manager, Scania West Africa

Your office. Your rules

From the front upper storage to advanced brake performance, Scania’s new generation of trucks is designed to work for you. This principle has led us to create major improvements in interior space, vision and safety – so you can call the shots.

Driver area
Interior design
Exterior design

The world’s best driver environment

Optimal driver position. It’s where Scania started when we designed the new R- series cab interior. Optimised modular instrument panel too. With a larger display, improved graphics and intuitive controls at your fingertips you can keep your full attention on the road ahead. This also brings a whole new level of visibility.

Improved visibility

Features such as the new positioning of the driver seat, lowered side window and a larger surface area of glass, bring a whole new level of visibility. The dashboard has also been lowered slightly to enhance forward visibility.


Cab comfort

Designed for maximum comfort, the driver seat can be adjusted to find your perfect driving position. Passengers travel in the same comfort as you too, with the option of a rotating and reclining passenger seat.

A home away from home

A contented driver is a better driver. Get a good night’s sleep in the comfy 800-1,000 mm bed and stow your personal belongings using the smart storage options. With an optimised dashboard and on-board entertainment, life on the road just got more comfortable.

Well-rested drivers

A comfortable cab where you can rest and re-fuel is key when you’re on the road, day in day out. In Scania's new R-cab you can enjoy features like an extendable table, refrigerator and a rotating and reclining passenger seat.

A unique Scania

The distinctive shape of the new R-cab is Scania through-and-through, right from the windows down to the ventilation dampers and dashboard controls. Our designers have crafted stylish interiors with perfectly matched colours, materials and finishes.



Front, roof, side, underbody – all areas have been analysed, adjusted and optimised to streamline air flow and achieve the lowest possible air resistance. The shape of the cab and its corners help reduce aerodynamic drag. All gaps and angles have been narrowed and streamlined to achieve more efficient air flow and dynamic flow of lines.


The lighting is one of the most prominent features of your truck, enhancing both its appearance and safety levels. As part of the basic configuration, position lights and extra lights are now integrated into the cab, without having a negative impact on aerodynamics.


Scania puts the driver first. Always. This strong tradition is reflected in all aspects of our development work, and shines through in this new generation of trucks, both inside and out.


Safety & Visibility

Make it yours

Chassis, engine, cab – the new R-series configures to meet the demands of your business, from gearboxes and frame strength to chassis height and suspension systems. For power, economy, strength and a cab you don’t want to get out of, make it Scania.


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