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Gas vehicle specification

Maximise performance

Match it right

Options are important, and we provide a lot of them. You can choose from a varity of cabs, powertrains and chassis specifications. With a gas engine range fully comparable to our diesel options – there’s always a no compromise gas engine specification designed to match your fleet’s operation.

Get the right power

You can choose from a power band from 280 to 410 hp depending on your operation.

9-litre engine, 280 hp and 340 hp

The Scania 5-cylinder Euro 6 gas engine range saves space and weight without compromising performance or operating economy. With this Otto engine, count on a smooth, low noise driving experience.

13-litre engine, 410 hp

The Scania 6-cylinder Euro 6 gas engine range saves space and weight without compromising performance or operating economy. This Otto engine provides a smooth but powerful driving experience.


Through generations our gas engines have been continuously improved. So much so that today they, in fact, virtually match the performance and torque of a diesel engine.

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active prediction with 

eco roll

Active Prediction uses the GPS to foresee the topography ahead and adjust the gears and cruise speed accordingly. By making smart calculations all the way, this is proven to provide efficient support for your driver, saving up to 2% in fuel.



Our comprehensive gearbox range can be adapted to all types of transport. For improved driveability, our 8- and 12-speed gearboxes can be fitted with Scania Opticruise and Scania Retarder. Scania retarder is standard in several gas vehicle applications.

Scania Opticruise

Scania Opticruise is one of the smoothest and smartest systems on the market.
For operations requiring extra control for specific manoeuvring, we have an additional performance step, Clutch on Demand. The addition of a clutch pedal provides convenience in special conditions; otherwise the system works as an ordinary automatic clutch system.

Smooth and fast gearing

The lay-shaft brake provides faster and smoother gear changes to maintain engine torque, traction, and road speed.

Scania Op­ti­cruise general features

•Driver interface with all functions for gear changing and retarder control integrated in the right-hand steering wheel lever.

•Adaptive shift strategy based on style of driving, load, and inclination of the road.

•Comprehensive electronic protection keeps clutch wear to a minimum.

•Several parameters can be adjusted by a Scania workshop to tailor the functionality to fit your specific needs. 

Safety for all road users

At Scania, we continuously work to improve the safety of our vehicles. For our drivers as well as their fellow road users. As their challenges vary, so do our solutions in adding new perspectives on safety. 

HIGH CRASH STANDARDS - The structure of Scania’s entire cab range offers outstanding crash performance and includes structural integrity, instrument positioning and dispersion of impact forces. It also significantly reduces the risk of a car ending up under the vehicle in the event of a collision. Swedish crash test standards are among the most stringent in the world. Our latest generation has surpassed them with ease and the new cab structure offer an outstanding crash performance.

SIDE CURTAIN AIRBAG - Scania’s roll-over airbag targets one of the most serious consequences of rollover accidents, where drivers or passengers are injured in a collision or fatally crushed by their own vehicle. Available in Scania’s P, G, R and S-cabs as well as in the CrewCab.

IMMEDIATE RESPONSE - Scania brake pads consist of a unique friction material optimised for the patented alloy in the brake disc, which ensures maximum service life with consistent braking behavior. Enhanced brake callipers, allied with improved brake actuation and the more advanced position of the front axle, greatly improve the braking distance of the Scania trucks.

SEE IT BEFORE IT HAPPENS - A Scania cab offers unobstructed and panoramic views of the front and sides. Slimmer A-pillars, lower side windows and instrument panel contribute to enhanced visibility for the driver. During the darker hours the night lighting function can be used to avoid reflections and other disturbances. High-mounted spot lamps are incorporated into the sun shield, while auxiliary lighting includes fog and spot lamps for adverse weather conditions. Different levels of camera systems are available for added safety, visibility and convenience.

ADVANCED EMERGENCY BRAKING (AEB) - Is a collision prevention system that, if detecting an obstacle ahead of the vehicle, is activated in three step depending on the reaction of the driver: first, a warning signal; secondly, a light braking; and thirdly, full-force braking.

ELECTRONIC STABILITY PROGRAMME (ESP) - Reduces the risk of skidding and tipping over, as well as the effects of understeering and oversteering.


data driven services

Every Scania we make is full of smart technology, advanced sensors and wireless connectivity. This means that we have hundreds of thousands of constantly connected vehicles and engines in use all over the world today – providing data that doesn’t only improve our engineering, but lets us create services which can provide you with direct business value. Anything from lowering fuel consumption to reducing wear and maintenance needs, all the way to automating tedious administrative work. No matter if you operate a mixed, or all Scania fleet. Simply put – we focus on the data, so you can keep your focus on running your business.

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workshop services

No business is quite like the other. Different routes, driving styles and environments, all affect the wear and tear on your vehicles. We tailor maintenance plans that fits your business, ensuring maximum uptime, increasing productivity as well as decreasing disruptions in your daily operation.

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Axle configuration and chassis height

​Scania offers a wide range of 2-, 3- and 4-axle vehicles with different chassis heights. We also have a broad selection of front, rear and fixed and steered tag axles to match the requirements of any application.

4x2 Chassis height: Normal, low, extra-low, semi-high

4x4 Chassis height: High

6x2 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

6x2/2 Chassis heigth: Normal

6x2 pusher

6x2/4 Chassis height: Normal, low

6x2 twin-steer

6x4 Chassis height: Normal, low, semi-high, high

4x2 Chassis height: Normal, low, extra-low, semi-high

4x4 Chassis height: High

6x2 Chassis height: Normal, low, semi-high

6x2/2 Chassis height: Normal

6x2 pusher

6x2/4 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

6x2 twin-steer

6x4 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

6x6 Chassis height: High

8x2 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

8x2*6 Chassis height: Normal, low, semi-high

8x2 rear-steer

8x2/4 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

8x2 twin-steer

8x4 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

8x4*4 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

8x4 rear-stear

10x4*6 Chassis height: Normal, semi-high

10x4 rear-steer


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