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Compressed or liquefied gas

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Alternative fuel sources

The first thing to say is that both gases are methane and the source can be both biogas based on organic waste or natural gas, to be used in parallel, making any switch from one to the other a straightforward and easy transition. The key point is that gas has different energy densities in different states. One unit of liquid gas energy takes up 3 times less volume than one unit of compressed gas energy. Simply, this means liquefied gas is denser and you can, therefore, get more energy on a vehicle than with compressed gas.

Silent city solutions

Compressed gas applications

The fuel tanks are available in packs of 4x80L, 4x95L, 4x118L bottles or 2x152L + 2x118L bottles with a driving range up to 750 km. These fuel tanks also provide a better ground clearance than fuel tanks for liquefied gas.

Powerful longhaulage solutions

liquefied gas applications

The high energy density of liquefied gas makes it perfect for regional and long haulage applications. The fuel tanks are available in size from 400 – 1100 litres providing a driving range up to 1700 km.

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With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, the possibilities are endless. Make it a good experience. Make it a Scania.

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