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In the heart of sub-Saharan Africa, Scania West Africa begun its operations in 2015 after being approached to provide BRT solutions for Ghana and help ease the rising transportation woes of the West African country. 

Scania West Africa has since grown from selling 1 truck in the first year to dominating the heavy vehicle market in Ghana in 2018 becoming the number one in the market.

The journey to being the best has not been an easy one but the success of the company can be chalked up to the dedicated and hardworking sales team under the able leadership of our Managing Director, Fredrik Morsing. He’s led the team in building on the goodwill of the global Scania brand and adapting it for local businesses while working with Scania Credit to offer competitive financing for businesses in the region. Supported by a truly robust After Sales team ready for any challenge wherever in the region a client needs presents itself, Scania West Africa has changed the quality of vehicles and maintenance of heavy vehicles in the region. 


Our highly trained technicians servicing a truck

As part of Scania’s global responsible business initiative and leaving a positive legacy wherever we do business, Scania West Africa partnered with GIZ, Bosch, ZF and WABCO with understanding from local government bodies like Government Technical Training Centre (under the Ministry of Transport) and the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to set up the West African Training Academy. The Academy trains technicians with the aim of upgrading their skill level and increase the employability of young auto-mechanics. The Academy has been very successful in the pilot country – Ghana – such that steps are being taken to make Ghana’s WATA centre the hub and extend this offering to the other countries in West Africa. 

WATA Graduation of First Batch of technicians

Beyond training young technicians, WATA also offers driver training for transport companies. Most noteworthy driving training project we have launched is the Women Moving initiative. With the Women Moving the City project, Scania and partners trained 52 female bus drivers for the Accra BRT system. 

Women Moving the City

The success of the Women Moving the City initiative caused a positive ripple effect and brought a new client who asked Scania to train female truck drivers for her fuel transport business. This saw the birth of the Women Moving Trucks campaign. Scania has successfully trained a group of 20 women from no driving experience to now transporting fuel between Takoradi and Tarkwa on a fully loaded Scania truck and fuel tanker. 

Women Moving Trucks

Scania’s success is not stored up in Ghana alone as the company has successfully penetrated Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Mali, Guinea and other countries in the West African region. Key mentions include bus deal with the Lagos State Government and truck deals with several respected mines and haulage companies in the region.

Within four years, Scania West Africa has demonstrated great corporate social responsibility and has contributed immensely to the continued growth of the transport industry in Ghana and beyond. For a relatively new company, the feat accomplished by Scania West Africa is highly commendable. The company sells and maintains buses, coaches, generator sets and trucks for the construction, mining, haulage, etc. industries in Ghana and West Africa.