Mobile service - Assistance

Towing a semitrailer tractor

Towing a loaded truck

Concrete mixer dump truck towing

Bus towing

Towing a loaded road train

Work at the scene of an accident

  • Combines trawl and crane functions
  • Retractable boom ensures gentle vehicle evacuation without damaging the frame
  • Two hydraulic winches with a pulling force of 50 tons allow the vehicle to be evacuated from hard-to-reach places

We will insure your vehicle for the entire duration of rescue operations

The design includes the main boom of a telescopic non-rotating crane with a lifting moment of 120 t / m, which allows at the end of the boom with a full extension of 6.7 meters and a lifting height of 9.7 meters above the ground to obtain a lifting capacity of 15 tons, thereby ensuring the lifting of an overturned transport facilities.


24 hours a day

Cash, non
- cash payment system

Wide service area

1 hour - standard
time for lifting the vehicle

Call us, we will help in any situation