Financial services


Scania Leasing is your reliable partner offering flexible financing and insurance solutions associated with predictable operating costs and manageable risks over the entire life of the vehicle. Scania may be a global company, but we operate locally to ensure that the solution you choose is right for your business.


We will fit into the way you work. We will optimize cost financing, cash flow and tax management to create the best financial plan for your business. And when one of your vehicles goes off the track, your insurance policy will reverse downtime during uptime.


By skillfully combining the services provided, we optimize your business and administrative costs. You are offered the full support of our team of specialists who can provide assistance in resolving claims - and confidence in the quality of our services and efficiency.

Reliable work

Our insurance services are based on uptime. It is about putting cars back into operation immediately after an accident and, first of all, preventive maintenance services in order to prevent road accidents. All of this strengthens your business and increases your income.


Scania Finance is dedicated to building your business success and protecting your operations. You know your business better than we do and our specialists will help you prepare individual financial and insurance products in accordance with your goals and business needs.