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What’s the impact?

Scania launches emission factors for its engines and an environmental product declaration

Scania’s first generation of low-emission diesel engines that meet the proposed Euro 3 standards is now available to customers. As the first commercial vehicle manufacturer, Scania has developed an environmental product declaration that provides operators with data on the environmental characteristics of a Scania truck during its whole life-cycle. At the same time, emission factors are released for Scania's latest engine generations to calculate the environmental impact of a given transport task.

The value of products and services is increasingly related to their environmental impact throughout the lifecycle. Enterprises want to be able to identify and compare the environmental impact of various activities and take action where it really pays off. Transportation is often part of these activities and are thus involved in the overall impact assessment.

Scania has had requests from customers and other interest groups about the emission levels from the engines. The majority of the requests concern the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC), particulates (PM), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), the latter as a function of fuel consumption.

The environmental product declaration provides customers with information on the environmental impact of a Scania truck during its whole life-cycle, from manufacturing, operation and final dismantling. The declaration, which is unique to each vehicle, can be delivered by the salesmen in conjunction with the purchase of a new truck or upon request.

The declaration includes information on resource consumption during production, exhaust emissions and noise levels, as well as recycling data. It also contains advice and instructions on service and maintenance. Advice is also given on how to achieve the least possible environmental impact during the use of the truck.

The emission factors provide detailed data for these assessments based on emission regulations, including Euro 1, 2 and 3 (proposal). The amount of emissions is stated in relation to the amount of fuel consumed and the values are based on certification values that have been used for simulations.

(See fact leaflets Scania on the environment.)