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Prestigious engine deals for Scania

Swedish Storebro Royal Cruiser and Italian Off Course Power Boats have decided to install Scania power units in their latest luxury vessels. Besides having a reputation for ruggedness and reliability, Scania engines are compact to install and easy to service in the restricted space available on board.

"This is a breakthrough for Scania in the pleasure craft power business," says Lennart Hjelte, Senior Vice President Industrial and Marine Engines at Scania. "We offer an unusual combination of high power and compact dimensions. Hitherto we have mainly supplied our 9-litre engine for installation in marine pleasure craft. With the 12-litre unit, we obviously have a winner. Its height is a mere 999 mm and servicing and repairs is designed to be a one-man job. Our 14-litre V8 is already well established on this market. In its latest version it turns out a full 800 hp within very compact dimensions.

"We have managed to transform traditional Scania virtues into highly attractive pleasure values," concludes Mr Hjelte.

Scania's relation with Storebro started with the Combat 90 vessel project for the Swedish Marine some years ago. The good experience gained developed into joint work in the pleasure craft market as well. Some thirty 9-litre engines have so far been supplied for this purpose, deliveries of the 12-litre are starting and discussions are underway regarding the 14-litre engine.

The Italian company Off Course Power Boats first got in touch with Scania last year. So far they have bought ten 9-litre engines and placed orders for four 12-litre units.

Scania's also has customers in this prestigious market segment in Great Britain, Norway, Argentina and Brazil.

For further information, contact Hans Hellsten, PR-Officer Industrial and Marine Engines, tel. +46 8 55381802 or +46 70 7581802