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Sales Engineer-Special Vehicle



Job Title 职位名称 :  

Sales Engineer-Special Vehicle

Professional Competencies (Duties and Tasks)

  • Business Perspective:Using an understanding of business issues, processes and outcomes to enhance business performance.
  • Information gathering and processing:Locating and collecting data from appropriate sources and analyzing it to prepare meaningful and concise reports that summarize the information.
  • SHE:Demonstrates understanding for importance of safety and health policies, procedures and regulations in daily work. Creates and safeguards a healthy, safe and sustainable work environment for all employees.
  • Technical Capability:Understanding and applying functional and technical knowledge and skills to accomplish work objectives. Keeping up to date with new development in the subject area and continuing to enhance the skills.

Desirable experience and qualifications 要求的经验和资格

  • College or above,experience of working with bodybuilding support is a plus大学或以上学历,有改装厂技术背景
  • Strong technical background技术背景强
  • Like technical challenge and take responsibility有高度技术钻研热情及责任感;
  • Good communication, co-ordinate and organize skills, team spirit良好的沟通、协调和组织能力,具有团队精神;
  • Willing to travel, hard working能经常出差,有吃苦耐劳精神;
  • Strong ability of coordination with complex situations较强的复杂情况下的协调能力
  • Excellent command of office computer software熟练掌握常用办公软件


  • Chaoyang District,Beijing 北京市朝阳区