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SW & Data Engineer



Job Title 职位名称 :  

SW & Data Engineer

Professional Competencies (Duties and Tasks)

  • SOLUTIONS - Propose and accomplish innovative solutions to customer pain points (prototypes or Proof-of-Concept).
  • CONTRIBUTE - Actively contribute to the shared cross-department information sharing within electromobility.
  • DATA ANALYTICS - Initiate and perform data analytics to understand interesting trends in the transport eco-system.
  • REPORT PROFICIENTLY - Report advancements and way of working to stakeholders within Scania.
  • EVALUATION - Initiate and perform technology evaluation of potential partners.
  • RESEARCH - Follow research and trends within mobility.
  • AGILE - Contribute to successfully combining start-up mentality in a large scale international company.

Desirable experience and qualifications 要求的经验和资格


  • M.Sc or Ph.D. in a relevant area.
  • More than 2 years of experience in the area of automotive engineering.


  • Excellent software integration capabilities.
  • Excellent knowledge of at least two programming languages, where C is mandatory.
  • Working experience with communication protocols, like CAN, Fleaxray, RS232, Ethernet etc.
  • Profound implementation skills in the field of embedded systems.
  • Data analytics understanding and capability.
  • Software requirements working experience.
  • Have knowledge about electromobility.
  • Proficient in written and spoken English and Chinese. Other languages is a merit.
  • Able to communicate results in a clear way.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Understanding and experience from large international organizations.


  • Chaoyang District,Beijing 北京市朝阳区