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KA Sales Manager



Essential Duties and Job Responsibilities 主要职责

  • Identify Strategic Fleet outlets, transportation companies, transportation routs a.s.o., analyse the sales possibilities for Scania and set a strategy for selling together with the appointed Dealer;
  • 明确战略车队的场站,运输公司;和运输路径等,分析斯堪尼亚销售机会并与指定经销商共同设立销售战略;
  • Make an action plan for every assigned Strategic Fleet customers and lead the Dealer in the sales work;
  • 为每一个被分配到的战略车队制定车辆销售行动计划;并领导经销商的销售工作;
  • Participate in the specification work to optimize the Scania vehicle based on changes in the market and regulation as well as competitor information;
  • 参与车辆配置的工作环节,根据市场,政策及竞争对手的变化从而优化斯堪尼亚车辆;
  • Provide information requested by the management, such as budget, volume planning, order and delivery forecast, stock suggestions;
  • 为公司管理层提供关于预算,生产计划,订单和交付计划,建议库存方面的信息;
  • Prepare finance solutions for cases when requested by customers;
  • 根据客户的要求准备融资解决方案;
  • Participate in associations, seminars and exhibitions and inform the SCN Management of changes or opportunities in the Industry;
  • 参与运输协会,论坛和展览,并向公司管理层提供行业动向;
  • Be the expert in ADR transportation and educate the Scania organization in ADR handling;
  • 作为危险品车辆运输的专家,为斯堪尼亚内部提供相关的操作与处理的知识与信息;
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the manager and management.
  • 完成由经理和公司管理层安排的其他相关职责。


Candidate Requirements 个人要求

Education and/or Experience 教育背景和/或经验

  • University education in appropriate discipline; 大学本科相关专业;
  • 5 years relevant work experience in sales; 5年的相关销售工作经验;
  • Sales management experience at a regional/branch level. 区域/品牌级别的销售管理经验。

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 知识,技能和能力

  • Understanding Scania Products; 熟悉了解斯堪尼亚产品;
  • Ability to identify opportunities for business development; 能够辨识商务发展的机会;
  • Excellent presentation skills; 出色的演讲演示技能;
  • Coaching: Helping others to make the most of their qualities and competences, both in their position and in their overall career. Giving expanding responsibility and encourage a “Dare to try, Manage the risk approach”, allowing learning from mistakes; 辅导:帮助他人在工作中以及长远的职业生涯中的质量和能力得以最大的发挥。通过延展其职责和鼓励“敢于尝试,管理风险”,使其在错误中得以学习;
  • Delegating: Clearly allocating decision-making authority to the appropriate employees whilst making best use of those employees’ time and competence to maximize the organization's effectiveness; 授权:清晰地将决定权委托给恰当的人员,从而充分利用员工的时间和能力使得组织的效率最大化;
  • Establishing deep understanding of customers, their industry, business offerings (products/services/solutions) and needs. Guiding clients to the best solution by maintaining the relationship; 深入了解客户所在的行业,业务内容包括产品,服务及解决方案和需求。通过维护关系,引导客户接受最佳解决方案;
  • Be able to effectively transfers thoughts and expresses ideas orally or verbally in individual or group situations; 能够有效地将想法和所要表达的内容通过口语或书面的形式传递给个人或团队;
  • Adding structure and planning to work situation by defining priorities and completing the work in a systematic, efficient fashion within the required timeframe according to expectations; 能够根据情况,通过计划安排工作的优先顺序,并能够系统地工作,在规定的时间内高效按要求完成工作;
  • Be able to explore opportunities and take actions, striving to doing more than is required or expected. Preferring to take own initiative under the pressure; 能够发现机会并采取行动,努力做到超过期望和要求;能够在压力下主动承担工作;
  • Demonstrates the effort, willingness and ambition to achieving results and meeting objectives and respond proactively to avoid disappointing results; 具备达成结果和完成目标所需付出的努力,意愿和热情,积极响应以避免令人失望的结果;
  • Able to effectively work and complete group assignments in both formal and informal settings. Works cooperatively, with a positive attitude with others to achieve common goals, valuing others contributions; 能够通过正规或非正规的形式有效地完成团队的工作,能够积极地态度和他人合作完成共同的目标,能够认可他人的贡献;
  • Attention to details to ensure accuracy while working to strict deadlines; 专注细节并确保工作的准确性的同时保证及时性;
  • Proven ability to work accurately with figures and spreadsheets in combination with good computer skills in a Microsoft Windows environment; 熟练处理处理数字和表格;能够熟练操作微软系统和计算机操作系统;
  • Fluently in reading and writing English; 流利的英语口语和写作能力;
  • Be able and willing to take frequent business travels. 能够并愿意接受频繁的出差。



  • Shanghai/Beijing上海/北京