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To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily:

> Perform predictive, preventive and corrective electrical and mechanical maintenance on electrical and mechanical components of various types of machine tools;

> Develop FMEA of new equipment.

> Participate in installation, acceptance, commissioning of new equipment, and be familiar with mechanical principles and repair essentials, participate in solve problems in the installation process.

> Perform assembly, adjustments and disassembly of mechanical and electrical parts of equipment and machine tools.

> Perform work at height, confined spaces and automated areas.

> Understand the technical drawings and electrical diagrams.

> Responsible for the history management from the beginning of equipment commissioning to the maintenance of major faults of equipment, including the basic situation of equipment, maintenance documents, improvement reports and other related documents to fill in, file and save, and regularly sort out the work.

> Participate in classify and manage drawings, manuals and product samples, survey and map spare parts.

> Complete weekly, monthly and annual preventive maintenance according to the plan, complete the maintenance work according to the plan, and complete the daily/weekly/monthly check according to the plan.

> Search in technical catalogues and internet new suppliers of parts, components and services to meet any spare needs of parts in preventive and corrective maintenance.

> Implement parts maintenance content, repair plan and technical requirements, and be responsible for maintenance workshop parts maintenance management.

> Implement maintenance and repair activities of the equipment to obtain the optimal utilization of machinery and equipment.

> Perform corrective maintenance when necessary.

> Act proactively in safety activities. Identify, report and record safety risks such as accidents, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, etc.

> Perform risk analysis before starting an activity.

> Perform the activities always focusing on the availability of the equipment and identify deviations in components.

> Search for self-development and ask for leadership help when necessary.




> 对各类机电部件进行预测性、预防性和纠正性机电维护;

> 开发新设备的FMEA。

> 参与新设备的安装、验收、调试,熟悉机械原理和维修要领,参与解决安装过程中的问题。

> 对设备和机床的机电部件进行组装、调整和拆卸。

> 在高空、密闭空间和自动化区域执行工作。

> 了解技术图纸和电气图。

> 负责设备调试开始到设备重大故障维护的历史记录管理,包括设备基本情况、维修文件、改进报告等相关文件的填写、归档和保存,并定期整理工作。

> 参与图纸、手册和产品样品的分类和管理,调查和地图备件。

> 按计划完成周、月、年预防性维护,按计划完成维护工作,按计划完成日/周/月检查。

> 在技术目录和互联网上搜索新的零件、组件和服务供应商,以满足预防性和纠正性维护中零件的任何备件需求。

> 执行维修内容、维修计划和技术要求,负责维修车间零部件维修管理。

> 实施设备的维护和维修活动,以实现机械和设备的最佳利用。

> 必要时执行纠正性维护。

> 积极主动地开展安全活动。识别、报告和记录安全风险,如事故、不安全条件、不安全行为等。

> 在开始活动之前执行风险分析。

> 执行活动,始终关注设备的可用性并识别组件中的偏差。

> 寻求自我发展,并在必要时寻求领导帮助。





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