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TVL Technician-Chassis底盘及总装制造部试制产线操作员

  • 江苏省-如皋
  • 生产


Job Summary 职位概述

We are searching for a detail-oriented, dependable technician to join our growing team. The technician's responsibilities include preparing working instructions/assembly new products in TVL lines/Train assemblers in production line how to assembly/support engineer test and verify with new Tools/Equipment/new parts /diagnosing problems and troubleshooting equipment, running tests and completing reports, updating and improving existing systems, and repairing or replacing faulty equipment. You should collaborate with other professionals and be able to make useful recommendations wherever possible.

To be successful as a technician, you should demonstrate strong self-discipline and a passion for technology. Outstanding technicians possess sound knowledge of their trade and superb active listening skills.




Main Tasks 主要职责

SHE 安全/健康/环境

- Compile and update documentation required by OSHA and ISO certification to be comply with, Follow local workshop requirement and make continuously improvement base on normal situation .

- Maintain safe and clean working environment by complying to procedures, rules, and regulations.

- Identify unsafe operations and practices and take actions for improvements.

- 按照OSHA和ISO认证的要求编制和更新文件,以符合认证要求,遵循当地车间要求,并在正常情况下持续改进。

- 依据安全流程、规则和规定,保持安全和清洁的工作环境。

- 识别不安全操作和做法,并采取措施进行改进。


- Responsible for set up the element sheet and keep improvement when there is deviation found.

- Test with new products and timely feedback deviations to engineers;

- Follow instructions and standards for the assembly of products and suggests improvements to the process.

- Check that instructions and standards have been followed and verifies the product's functionality.

- Update and clarify processes as needed to ensure they are comply with ISO.

- 负责编制作业指导书,并在发现偏差时持续改进。

- 对新产品进行装配验证,并及时向工程师反馈偏差;

- 遵循指导书和标准来装配,并对流程提出改进建议。

- 检查是否遵循了指导书和标准进行装配,并验证产品的功能。

- 根据需求更新和澄清流程,以确保其符合国际标准。


- Keep equipment operational by performing preventive maintenance; following manufacturer's instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs.

- Provides technical support to operators and performs improvement measures to optimize production.

- Educate team members to learn the content of the assembly owner areas.

- Test with new designed tools/equipment and timely feedback deviations to engineers for improvement;

- 通过执行预防性维护,保持设备运行;遵循制造商的说明操作设备;故障排除;呼叫维修。

- 为操作员提供技术支持,并采取改进措施以优化生产。

- 培训团队成员学习自己负责的装配区域的知识。

- 对新设计的工具和设备进行测试,并及时将偏差反馈给工程师进行改进;


- Support production line and engineers to identify value added/non value added/waste in the process and make improvement of takt time、standardized operation、line balance activities;

- Support engineering and production in lean manufacturing KAIZEN events.

- Participate directly and indirectly in all KAIZEN.

- 支持生产线和工程师识别过程中的增值/非增值/浪费活动、改进生产节拍、标准化操作、生产线平衡等活动;

- 支持工程部门和生产部门的精益制造相关的改善活动。

- 直接或间接参与所有改善活动。


Job Requirements 岗位要求

- High school diploma and above .

- Related working experience in vehicle companies (3~5 Years working experience in OEM plant is preferred)

- Know 5S/PPE/TPM/Lean/Problem solving tools etc.

- Experience as a technicians is preferred.

- A driver's license is preferred.

- Ability to multitask and liaise with professionals in different fields.

- Ability to explain problems simply and clearly.

- Ability to understand verbal and written instructions.

- Ability to follow health and safety regulations.

- Excellent mathematical and problem-solving skills.

- Able to use MS Office 365

- CAD/CATIA knowledge is preferred

- Can Read/written/oral communicate of English is preferred
- 高中及以上学历

- 汽车公司相关工作经验(3-5年整车厂工作经验优先)

- 了解5S/PPE/TPM/精益/问题解决工具等。

- 有技术员工作经验者优先。

- 有驾照者优先。

- 能够同时处理多个任务并与不同领域的专业人士沟通交流。

- 能够简单明了地阐明问题。

- 能够理解口头和书面指示。

- 能够遵守健康和安全规定。

- 出色的逻辑思维和解决问题的能力。

- 能够使用MS Office 365


- 能读/写/说英语者优先


Other Requirements 其他要求

Calm, stable, and controlled in stressful situations. Maintains a realistic perspective on situations and focuses on the right things.

Quality-minded, you are meticulous and well aware of goals and quality standards, and place great importance on living up to these.

Flexible, you can easily adapt to changing circumstances and quickly change your outlook and approach.

Problem-solving analytical, you like to work with complex issues and can analyse and break down problems into their components and solve complex problems.

Collaborative, work well with other people, listen, communicate and resolve issues in a constructive way.






Job Application 职位申请

We are looking forward to your application that should include your CV. Interviews will be held continuously.

Application should be sent to; with the title of ApplicationTVL Technician-Chassis.




If you think you fit this description and like the idea of joining a environment with great opportunities for professional development,then please contact us.


Send you application via mail to:


Your application should include a covering letter describing why this would be a good step for you in your career and how you will contribute to the group's success and a CV in English.


We look forward to receiving your application.