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Quality management system, ISO certification and COP certification

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1. Responsible for organizing the company's quality management system strategy, formulating and resolving the target, guiding each sub-project to carry out quality management system improvement activities, regularly tracking and managing the progress, results and risks of each project quality management system improvement, and reporting to the company leaders.

2. Responsible for the overall framework planning of the quality management system, process identification, publicity and implementation of standards for the benchmark global quality system, planning of system documents, continuous improvement in the system operation process, and support and assist all departments to solve system related problems

3. Guide and support each business department (P&L, R&D, purchasing department, etc.) to establish and optimize the quality management system of the department, integrate the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system into the actual operation of the relevant business, and effectively support the improvement of business quality.

4. Responsible for the training and empowerment of key personnel such as quality managers in all business departments (P&L, R&D, purchasing department etc.). Promote the improvement of process management thinking and methods across large departments.

5. Responsible for building the overall process system of the department, improving the existing business process management system, perfecting and improving the work, process sorting, diagnosis, optimization and implementation

6. Responsible for enterprise internal quality management system review, constantly improve the system construction through PDCA cycle. Coordinate cross-departmental collaborative operation from process perspective, drive process establishment and continuous improvement;

7. According to the requirements of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, CNCA and other institutions, responsible for production consistency management system planning, implementation, tracking implementation status and continuous improvement management, including production consistency control plan preparation and maintenance, monitoring the implementation, and preparation of Production consistency Control Plan implementation report. Responsible for supporting the temporary quality spot check and COP spot check related work such as in-service compliance spot check of various government authorities. Responsible for the CCC first and annual factory audit of Scania Rugao Factory in China, including planning and organization, on-site audit, problem collection, problem rectification, experience summary, etc.

8. To lead the team to complete the enterprise access, internal and external audit of the quality system (internal audit, process audit, special audit) planning, organization, implementation and problem tracking rectification verification. Responsible for batch/major problem special/review.



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