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Local Compliance Officer/当地合规官

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To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily:




The Local Compliance Officer with a dotted reporting line to Regional Compliance Officer AOR (in Group Compliance). Key responsibilities include;

-Assist in the implementation of Scania Group Compliance programs, policies and requirements for the Scania Industrial in mainland China(“Scania IO China”) and the promotion of a positive Compliance, Integrity, Risk and speak up culture through various Compliance measures within the Scania IO China based on internal and external regulations.

-Working together with the Regional Compliance Officer AOR and IO China to build and enhance the compliance function;

-Providing day-to-day compliance assistance/guidance to IO China;

-Assist the Regional Compliance Officer AOR and IO China in the localization as well as the interpretation of the Group Policies in particular in the areas of Code of Conduct, Anti-corruption, Antitrust and Anti-Money Laundering, Whistleblowing and Counterparty Due Diligence by collaborating with the functional departments as well as the leadership of the Scania IO China;

-Providing proactive compliance advice to local BUs by taking the business strategy and goal into consideration to facilitate the business development in a compliant way;

-Acting as the contact point between IO China and HQ for a wide range of compliance matters to facilitate the business operation of the IO China from compliance perspective, especially on a Counterparty Due Diligence (CDD) locally, i.e. run tool trainings in local language, if needed and effective, have an overview-responsibility in keeping track on the entries in the tool and its mitigation measures, systematically report and discuss difficult cases with Regional Compliance Officer AOR to ensure the smooth running of global program;

-Establishing, maintaining and further developing the Scania Compliance System within Scania IO China, including ongoing monitoring, assessment and continuous improvement;

-Implementing additional local standards for the Compliance System to meet requirements and needs of Scania IO China;

-Assisting the Regional Compliance Officer AOR in conducting the ongoing compliance trainings in local language regarding Code of Conduct, AML, Anti-trust, Anti-corruption, Whistleblowing and Counterparty Due Diligence to the employees within Scania IO China to promote and foster a culture of Integrity;

-Keeping Scania (both locally and globally) updated on local legislation and compliance enforcements tendencies and discuss and share these with Regional Compliance Officer AOR and local management teams;

-Reporting (regular and ad-hoc) accurately and comprehensively relevant Compliance issues to the relevant local management teams of the BUs and the Regional Compliance Officer AOR at Scania Group Compliance;

-Promoting the proper handling of hints regarding potential Compliance violations and its direction to the appropriate channels;

-Ensuring local Compliance processes are performed in quality, time and budget in the area of responsibility.



-Oversee and coordinate the overall internal policy framework including both Scania Group Policies and local developed policies;

-Oversee policy implementation and ensure the local policy implementation processes are fit for purpose;

-Provide guidance on life-cycle policy management related matters to relevant business owners;


Data Protection

-Lead, coordinate and support the work to manage compliance with Scania Group Policy 10, local data relevant laws and regulations, and actions in line with defined framework and procedures;

-Work together relevant stakeholders locally and globally in monitoring, assessing and developing the data protection related mechanism, strategy and implementation plan to meet the business development need while controlling the data protection related risks;

-Act as the central contact point for internal and external data protection matters;

-Provide guidance on Data Protection and Privacy related matters internally, and externally to suppliers/dealers and other third parties when applicable.




- 协助实施斯堪尼亚集团在中国大陆的合规计划、政策和要求,并通过基于内部和外部法规的各种合规措施,在斯堪尼亚中国公司内部推广积极的合规、诚信、风险和发言文化。

- 与区域合规官(AOR)和中国区合规官一起工作,建立并加强合规职能;

- 为中国分公司提供日常的合规协助/指导;

- 通过与职能部门以及斯堪尼亚中国公司的领导层合作,协助区域合规官AOR和中国公司进行集团政策的本地化和解释,特别是在行为准则、反腐败、反垄断和反洗钱、举报和对手方尽职调查方面;

- 通过考虑业务战略和目标,为本地企业提供积极的合规建议,以促进业务的合规发展;

- 作为斯堪尼亚中国公司与总部之间的联络点,从合规的角度促进斯堪尼亚中国公司的业务运作,特别是在当地的对手方尽职调查(CDD)方面,即在需要和有效的情况下,用当地语言进行工具培训,全面负责跟踪工具中的条目及其缓解措施,系统地报告并与区域合规官AOR讨论困难案例,确保全球项目的顺利运行;

- 在斯堪尼亚中国公司内部建立、维护并进一步发展斯堪尼亚合规体系,包括持续监测、评估和持续改进;

- 为合规体系实施额外的本地标准,以满足斯堪尼亚中国公司的要求和需要;

- 协助区域合规专员用当地语言对斯堪尼亚中国分公司的员工进行有关行为准则、反洗钱、反垄断、反腐败、举报和对手方尽职调查的持续合规培训,以促进和培养诚信文化;

- 保持斯堪尼亚(包括本地和全球)对本地立法和合规执行趋势的更新,并与区域合规官AOR和本地管理团队讨论和分享;

- 准确、全面地将相关的合规问题(定期和临时)报告给各部门的相关本地管理团队和斯堪尼亚集团合规部的区域合规官AOR;

- 促进妥善处理有关潜在的合规违规行为的提示,并将其导向适当的渠道;

- 确保当地的合规流程在质量、时间和预算方面在责任区得到执行。



- 监督和协调整个内部政策框架,包括斯堪尼亚集团政策和当地制定的政策;

- 监督政策的实施,并确保当地政策的实施过程符合目的;

- 为相关业务负责人提供生命周期政策管理相关事宜的指导;



- 领导、协调和支持工作,以管理斯堪尼亚集团政策10、当地数据相关法律和法规的合规性,并按照规定的框架和程序采取行动;

- 在当地和全球范围内与相关的利益相关者合作,监测、评估和制定数据保护相关的机制、策略和实施计划,以满足业务发展需要,同时控制数据保护相关的风险;

- 作为内部和外部数据保护事项的中心联络点;

- 在内部提供数据保护和隐私相关事宜的指导,并在适用时向供应商/交易商和其他第三方提供外部指导。


To perform this job successfully, an individual must meet the minimum qualifications. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. 为了能够胜任此职位,担任此职位工作的个人至少满足以下条件。如下要求表现为知识;技能和能力

Education and/or Experience


-Academic legal and/or compliance background with the experience in an international company or law firm, experience in an EU-based MNC would be an advantage;

-A minimum of 10 years' working experience with a 3-5 years in Compliance function, preferably in a second line of defence role in the MNC.

- 有法律和/或合规方面的学术背景,有在国际公司或律师事务所工作的经验,有在欧盟的跨国公司工作的经验者优先;

- 至少有10年的工作经验,其中3-5年在合规部门工作,最好是在跨国公司的第二道防线。


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


-Co-ordinate but work independently – take responsibility


-Work with details and understand the context


-Act now – think long term


-Build know-how through continuous learning


-Stimulate commitment through involvement


-Use deviations as base for improvements

善用偏差, 成就不断的完善

-Dare to try - Manage the risks

敢于尝试 - 管理风险


-Highest standards of ethics and professional integrity;

-Professional, proactive, self-motivated, fast-learning and result-oriented;

-Good interpersonal skills and highly collaborative working style with demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders;

-Well-developed organizational skills with the ability to prioritize multiple assignments;

-Good business acumen.

-Proficiency in written and oral English and Chinese.

- 具有最高的道德标准和职业操守;

- 专业、积极主动、自我激励、快速学习和注重结果;

- 良好的人际交往能力和高度协作的工作风格,表现出与内部和外部利益相关者有效沟通的能力;

- 完善的组织能力,有能力对多项任务进行优先排序;

- 良好的商业敏锐性。

- 熟练掌握英文和中文的书写和口语。



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