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Head of tax

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Functional experience职能经验

· Minimum of 8 years of qualified experience post-graduation

· Experience from tax advisory/law firm and from tax department in an international group of companies

- 毕业后至少有8年以上的工作经验

- 有税务咨询/律师事务所和国际集团公司税务部门的工作经验


Technical experiences and skills技术经验和技能

· Broad skill set within the field of corporate tax and transfer pricing

· Understanding local indirect indirect taxes, VAT etc.

· Detailed and up-to-date knowledge about Chinese corporate tax

· Understanding of international corporate tax and cross border transactions

· Experience from work with international legal/tax structures

· Well familiar with the interface between taxes and the field of customs, legal, accounting,IFRS etc.

· Knowledge of tax reporting

· General knowledge within the field of business law

- 在企业税收和转让定价领域有广泛的技能组合

- 了解当地间接税、增值税等

- 对中国公司税有详细和最新的了解

- 了解国际公司税和跨境交易

- 具有国际法律/税务结构方面的工作经验

- 熟悉税收与海关、法律、会计等领域的联系,国际财务报告准则等。

- 具备税务报告的知识

- 商业法领域的一般知识


Industry experience行业经验

· Specific industry experience is of minor relevance. However, the candidate shall have experience from environments where ability to handle a variety of complex issues.

simultaneously in an international context is essential

· Experience from full value-chain businesses including R&D and supply chain will be beneficial

· Experience from operating in a major) subsidiary of a foreign (non-chinese) multinational groups are a benefit.

Other experiences and skills (beyond what naturally come with the above requirements and preferences)

· Leadership experience

· International experience

· Experience from working with consultants/advisors

· A theoretical foundation foundation within field of accounting. This means for example basic knowledge of international accounting standards and clear understanding of the connection between the P&L, B/S,Cash Flow and tax

- 具体的行业经验并不重要,但候选人应具有以下经验



- 在包括研发和供应链在内的全价值链业务方面的经验将是有益的 - 在外国(非中国)跨国集团的(主要)子公司工作的经验是有益的



- 领导经验

- 国际经验

- 与顾问/咨询师合作的经验

- 在会计领域有一定的理论基础。 这意味着,例如,基本的国际会计准则的基本知识,以及对损益表、资产负债表、现金流和税收之间关系的清晰理解。


Leadership & personal Competencies领导能力和个人能力

General requirements:一般要求。

· Strong analytical ability / problem solving skills

· Strong drive

· Social sensitivity

· High working capacity







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